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BluegrassPreps.com 11th Region Week 5 Review and Rankings

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11th Region Week 5 Review

At the halfway point in the season, things in the 11th region haven’t changed much from where we started in November.  There is a ton of parody in teams from 6-15 and right now it looks like any of the top 5 could beat each other on a given night.  Looking back at Week 5, GRC came out on top in a stacked field at Lexington Catholic in their WGM Classic which included 4 of the top teams in the 11th region. Lexington Catholic finished in 4th place in this event, with 2 respectable losses to Ballard and North Laurel.  The Blue Devils picked up their first two losses of the season to Woodford County and Dunbar. Dunbar also defeated Great Crossing, but lost to PRP and Trinity.  Madison Central also picked up two more losses to Ballard and Woodford County. McCracken County came out on top of LCA’s Central Bank Classic.  Check out the other results around the 11th region this week below and take a look at the team rankings to see the top teams so far in the 11th region. Happy New Year!

Results of 11th Region Week 5 Games

Sunday:   Lexington Catholic 57-53 over McCreary Central, Madison Central 84-64 over Bardstown

Monday:   Tates Creek 84-66 over Bourbon County, Henry Clay 58-55 over West Jessamine, Woodford County 58-45 over Henry Clay, Ballard 67-60 over Madison Central, Dunbar 62-57 over Great Crossing, Lexington Catholic 51-43 over Simon Kenton

Tuesday: 59-54 over Henry Clay, Ballard 74-65 over Lexington Catholic, Woodford County 55-54 over Madison Central, Garrard Co. 59-56 over LCA, Lloyd Memorial 63-57 over Western Hills,

Wednesday: LCA 66-48 over Beechwood, Western Hills 74-34 over East Jessamine, Great Crossing 70-69 over McCreary Central, North Laurel 81-78 over Lexington Catholic, Trinity 56-45 over Dunbar

Thursday:   LCA 64-61 over Western Hills, Frankfort 77-75 over Bluegrass United

Best 11th Region Home Games in Week 6

Monday:  Tates Creek at Frederick Douglass

Tuesday:  Bryan Station at Henry Clay, LCA at Lexington Catholic

Thursday: Tates Creek at Lafayette

Friday: Bryan Station at Sayre, Franklin Co. at Western Hills

Saturday: Great Crossing at Madison Southern


Team Rankings 1-19

1.  Lexington Catholic – 11-3

2.  Henry Clay – 11-2

3.  Madison Central – 7-4

4.  Great Crossing – 8-3

5.  Dunbar – 5-6

6.  Madison Southern – 9-4

7.  Tates Creek – 7-4

8.  Bryan Station – 4-6

9.  Scott County – 4-9

10.  Frederick Douglass – 4-7 

11.  Sayre – 6-6

12.  Frankfort – 7-7

13.  LCA – 4-10

14.  Western Hills – 5-8 

15. Franklin County – 4-8

16. Model 3-8

17. Lafayette – 1-12   

18. Berea – 2-10

19. Frankfort Christian – 1-9

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How is PLD 5-6, aren’t they favorite in the 11th region from what/ to all coming back from last season? I get it that one of their better player transferred out, but I thought they had everyone back. 

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The loss of Tim Hall definitely changed the ceiling for the Bulldogs. They are still a solid team that has played a challenging schedule with a new coach. We should learn a lot about PLD over the next few weeks with games against Madison Central, GRC, and Lexington Catholic. 

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