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BluegrassPreps.com 4th Region Week 3 Review and Rankings

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1) Bowling Green (6-0) - 12/14 61-59 W at Christian County, 12/17 88-76 W #1 Greenwood
Previous Rank: 3
This Week: 12/21 vs. Christian County (at Hopkinsville), 12/22 at Hopkinsville, 12/23 vs. TBA (at Hopkinsville)
2) Warren Central (4-0) - 12/18 71-64 W Owensboro
Previous Rank: 2
This Week: 12/22 at Madison Consolidated (IN), 12/22 vs. TBA (at Madison Consolidated), 12/23 vs. TBA (at Madison Consolidated)
3) Greenwood (4-1) - 12/17 76-88 L at #3 Bowling Green
Previous Rank: 1
This Week: 12/20 at Scott, 12/21 vs. TBA (at Scott), 12/22 vs. TBA (at Scott)
4) Barren County (5-3) - 12/14 71-49 W Caverna, 12/17 84-35 W #13 Allen County-Scottsville
Previous Rank: 4
This Week: No Games
5) Clinton County (6-0) - 12/14 62-40 W #16 Cumberland County, 12/17 51-45 W at #14 Russell County
Previous Rank: 5
This Week: 12/20 vs. Monterey (TN), 12/21 vs. Caverna, 12/21 vs. Southwestern, 12/22 vs. Valley
6) Glasgow (4-2) - 12/14 63-41 W #15 Monroe County, 12/16 72-67 W Adair County
Previous Rank: 7
This Week: 12/20 vs. Green County (at Edmonson County, 12/21 vs. Ohio County (at Edmonson County), 12/22 at Edmonson County
7) Franklin-Simpson (3-1) - No Games
Previous Rank: 8
This Week: 12/20 vs. #10 Warren East (at South Warren), 12/21 vs. Doss (at South Warren), 12/22 vs. Pulaski County (at South Warren), 12/23 vs. TBA (at South Warren)
8. Russellville (1-3) - 12/14 73-68 W Hart County, 12/18 57-60 L at Adair County
Previous Rank: 6
This Week: 12/21 at Trigg County, 12/22 vs. TBA (at Trigg County)
9) Metcalfe County (5-3) - 12/14 82-66 W #14 Russell County, 12/16 31-62 L at Campbellsville, 12/17 61-76 L at Wayne County
Previous Rank: 9
This Week: 12/21 vs. Bishop Brossart (at Bellevue), 12/22 vs. Holmes (at Bellevue), 12/23 vs. TBA (at Bellevue)
10) Warren East (4-2) - 12/17 67-66 W at #10 South Warren
Previous Rank: 11
This Week: 12/20 vs. #7 Franklin-Simpson (at South Warren), 12/21 vs. TBA (at South Warren), 12/22 vs. TBA (at South Warren)
11) South Warren (1-3) - 12/17 66-67 L #11 Warren East
Previous Rank: 10
This Week: 12/20 vs. #17 Logan County, 12/21 vs. Grayson County, 12/22 vs. Clay County, 12/23 vs. TBA
12) Todd County Central (5-1) - 12/14 49-43 W Grayson County, 12/16 58-13 W at Foundation Christian Academy, 12/17 72-56 W Edmonson County
Previous Rank: 12
This Week: 12/20 at Edmonson County, 12/21 vs. Green County (at Edmonson County), 12/22 vs. #15 Monroe County (at Edmonson County)
13) Russell County (0-6) - 12/14 66-82 L at #9 Metcalfe County, 12/17 45-51 L #5 Clinton County
Previous Rank: 14
This Week: 12/21 vs. Frederick Douglass (at Knox Central), 12/22 at Knox Central)
14) Allen County-Scottsville (0-8) - 12/14 48-73 L Edmonson County, 12/17 35-84 L at #4 Barren County
Previous Rank: 13
This Week: 12/20 vs. TBA (at Portland TN), 12/21 vs. TBA (at Portland TN), 12/22 vs. TBA (at Portland TN)
15) Monroe County (1-5) - 12/14 41-63 L at #7 Glasgow, 12/17 59-41 W Red Boiling Springs (TN)
Previous Rank: 15
This Week: 12/20 vs. Ohio County (at Edmonson County), 12/21 at Edmonson County, 12/22 vs. Todd County Central (at Edmonson County)
16) Cumberland County (3-4) - 12/14 40-62 L at #5 Clinton County, 12/17 59-25 W Foundation Christian Academy, 12/18 1-0 W at Burgin
Previous Rank: 16
This Week: No Games
17) Logan County (0-4) - 12/14 35-59 L Portland (TN)
Previous Rank: 17

This Week: 12/20 at #11 South Warren, 12/21 vs. Clay County (at South Warren), 12/22 vs. Grayson County (at South Warren), 12/23 vs. TBA (at South Warren)


-There's a change at the top! Bowling Green is not yet ready to relinquish their crown, even with a very young group surrounding veteran Turner Buttry.  The Purples extended several streaks with their 88-76 win over Greenwood.  They won their 15th consecutive game against 4th Region opponents (22 in a row at home), their 9th consecutive against 14th District opponents (14 in a row at home and 31 of 32), and their 16th consecutive game at home against Greenwood.  Greenwood entered hoping to cement their status as region frontrunners, back up a high ranking, and get the monkey off their back when it comes to a Bowling Green team that they have only defeated twice in their last 34 games with.  Instead, they come away with the same old questions that will leave them wondering if they can beat the Purples when it matters.  Greenwood wasn't hurting in the scoring column, with Cade Stinnett dropping in 24 to lead four Gators in double figures, but they allowed 88, the most in regulation they've given up in nearly five years.  Bowling Green's Elijah Starks entered the game averaging just 7.2 PPG, but exploded for 27 to lead all scorers.  Bowling Green heads to Hopkinsville this week for a Christmas tournament that they will be expected to win.  They may head to the Ashland Invitational at 9-0 or 10-0.

-It was tough to decide whether to push Greenwood down to just 2 or all the way to #3.  Ultimately, I decided that Warren Central has done nothing to merit moving down, shaking off the rust of tornado-induced 12 day layoff to knock off current 3rd Region #1 Owensboro by a 71-64 score.  Central has an average margin of victory of 20.5 PPG in starting 4-0, and has yet to score less than 66 in a game.  They will find tough sledding in a Christmas tournament in Indiana, but the Dragons look to be every bit the contender we expected.  This looks like a true three team race for the title.

-Most results below that point played out how expected.  Russellville finally has their team back, but dropped one to Adair County.  That was enough for them to finally take a bit more of a tumble.  They're talented and will have their chances to move up, but we need to see the results on the court.

-South Warren took a beating this week.  Caden Veltkamp announced his intention to enroll early at WKU, ending his career at the school.  That leaves South with no returning starters, and they dropped a home game to Warren East by a 67-66 score, allowing the Raiders to snap a 26 game district losing streak.  It's a virtual death sentence for the Spartans in their hopes to escape the dreaded 4/5 district tournament game, as they have never beaten Bowling Green, only once beaten Warren Central, and will not be favored to beat Greenwood.  They likely will need to pick up at least four district wins to have a realistic shot at the #3 seed, and only one of those can come against Warren East.  Their region hopes look dim.

-Todd County Central is clawing their way up the rankings, and will have a shot to exit the Caveland Classic this week with their most wins for an entire season since 2017/18 - with two months+ of this year left to go.

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