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1. LCA .82044 

2. Beechwood .74871

3. Mayfield .69467

4. West Carter .63975

5. Middlesboro .62544

6. Green County .61680

12. Owensboro Catholic .56477

15. Walton-Verona .53975


Round 3 if seeds hold true:

W1 LCA vs. Owensboro Catholic

W2 Mayfield vs. Green County  (W2 Green vs Murray if Murray beats the Cards)

E1 Beechwood vs. Walton-Verona

E2 West Carter vs. Middlesboro



LCA vs. West Carter 

Beechwood vs. Mayfield 


If Murray wins round 3, then LCA vs. Murray, Beechwood vs. West Carter



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  • theguru changed the title to 2A RPI Update - 10/23

Rule 2 reads in part:

2. No disparaging, taunting, or boastful comments--especially between opponents trying to intimidate each other. This includes, name calling or personal attacks toward any member, username, team, or school.

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