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Golf Long Driving Championship

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Saw this recently and it is a hoot.


Guys try to drive the ball the longest.


The format for the finals was two semi-finals where one guy faces off with another. They have 2:45 seconds to hit as many drives as they want but the drive has to land in the "fairway" which is basically painted like a football field with yard markers and is 60 yards wide.


These guys hit it a ton but rarely get one to stay in the "fairway". In the semis one guy never had a ball that qualified.


When they do get one in the fairway it is usually 380-410 yards long. It is the ones that go 200 yards out of bounds that crack me up. And as you might expect these guys are muscled-up big boys.


And the guy that was out-driven gets just one last-chance ball to try and win. So that is pretty exciting.


Winner got $150,000

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