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Highlands at Scott predictions


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I think this is when Scott drops out of the top 20. HHS has finally got the defense settled and Scott defense is suspect. Centeref I have my contacts in so maybe I will finally be right.


I will make you a deal.... if Scott some how by the skin of their teeth gets a win over HHS you have to provide one positive comment about Scott on Bluegrass and if Scott losses to HHS I will publicly admit your right on Bluegrass.


What do you say IM

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Actually I already posted a positive note on Scott yesterday. Well played Scott Eagles hope the season goes well and good luck against BB or Montgomery county in regionals and Cov Cath in the sweet sixteen.




Yesterday, 10:11 AM






imsays is online now

Not true. A player for Scott was given a pk and a defender quickly yellow carded only to have the kid from Scott tell the CR he just tripped. The card was rescinded and no pk. I heard this second hand but I do admire the sportsmanship.




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