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Collins uses 68-yard bomb to defeat Montgomery County 7-0

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The games first drive started off horribly for Montgomery County. Two drops by Dillon Akers and a quarterback running for his life. That first drive was kept alive when a mishandled punt attempt was picked up by punter Dalton Stevens, who then went for a long gainer. From there the Indians would run eight more plays, but they were unable to score.


With 4:59 left in the fast paced opening quarter, Collins ran a run up the gut on 3rd and 17. Drew Mathis would stop Quinton Murphy ten yards short of the marker.


The last notable play of the quarter was when Chase Parker sacked JR Lucas for a five-yard loss.


If not for some untimely mistakes the Indians would have been up,7-0. Collins had not shown much on offense and their defense was helped by the mistakes the Indians made.


Montgomery, after being slowed on their second drive of the game, a drive that total four plays and zero yards, in large part because of another mistake. The third drive seen a talented Art Walker run for his life on third and seven and to the delight of the home side crowd, he picked up ten yards with 10:45 left in the half. Twelve seconds later Alex Harvey went off for a twenty-seven-yard run, he was stopped by Sam Harrod. Walker connected with Cody Parley for a fourteen-yard gain, with 9:46 left in the half. With 9:26 left in the half Walker mishandled the snap on fourth and one. The Indians recovered the fumble but was held short of the first down on the play. Collins would get the ball on downs deep in its own territory. At this point of the game it should have been,14-0.


Collins faced a fourth and five with 7:13 showing on the clock. Lucas would hit Dylan Siler for the first down. With 5:47 left Collins pulled off a nice screen pass to Harrod , who went for a long gain. But a flag thrown on Collins for holding negated the play. Collins regrouped after the holding call when,Nasean Roseberry picked up twelve-yards on a draw play. Collins elected to go for it on forth and four with 4;24 left in the half and this would turn out a mistake when a tackling machine named Mason Gooch got to the ball carrier for a seven-yard loss. Gooch had to be near ten tackles in the half.


The teams went into the locker room deadlocked at zero.


With 9:40 left in the third Quintin Murphy coughed the ball up and making the recovery for the Indians was,Kris Moore, but a mask penalty would be called, on the Indians allowing Collins to keep the ball and gave them a first down.


Collins would slowly move the ball close to another first down and with 6:44 left Murphy had his number called on a a fourth and one. The Indians defense was up to the task, with Sam Fletcher and Mathew Purvis combining to stop the running back short of the first down.



Collins had the ball back and facing was facing a fourth and three and again the decision was to go for it and again it was stopped. This time it was most of the Tribe making the stop for Montgomery County. So with 2:00 left in the quarter it was time for the Indians offense to try again.


The Indians offensive line had give practically no protection to their quarterback most of the night and with 1:43 left in the quarter, Walker the quarterback was again running for his life, He appeared to have time to throw the ball away, but he kept it and lost 17-yards when Taylor Turner put him down.


With time running out in the quarter Roseberry picked up forty-two-yards to wake up the nice sized Collins crowd.


Some highlights from the final quarter leading up to the winning score.


Gooch would tack on another tackle when he got to Harrod for a eight-yard loss with 11:40 left in the game.


After a Collins drive was stalled they brought out Noah Brunner to attempt a 44-yard, that was well short of its target.


Montgomery County looked to be getting things started with a 22-yard gain on a nice pass thrown by Walker and caught by Parsley, with 10:10 left in this tightly contested game.


9:03 showed on the clock and once again Walker was running for his life and once again it looked like he could throw the ball away and avoid a sack. He did not and the loss was twelve-yards. Making the tackle for Collins was Jacob Dale.


With the Indians punting the Titans was all prepared to get off a big return and set up its offense for the go ahead and potential winning score. But a roughing the kicker called ended that hope and gave the Indians new life, with 7:47 left.


Walker would connect with Akers a five-yard pass play with 6:53 left.

Murphy would get Alex Harvey for a short loss and then a short time later Collins had the ball back.


Collins faced 2nd and ten with 5:01 left in the game. Lucas dropped back to pass and with the aid of his front line, he had all kinds of time to throw the ball. When he looked down field he had to be shocked to find Dalton Maggard a good seven-yards behind the defense. He let go of of nicely thrown ball that landed right in the hands of Maggard, who raced into the end zone for the only touchdown of the game. Brunner hit the point after to give Collins the, 7-0 lead.


Collins defense would sack a very unprotected Walker again for a seven-yard loss with 3:45 left.


The clock would work its way to all zero's and Collins jumped for joy as the winners, while Montgomery County was left to walk off the field saying only what should have been.

















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