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Brady to play against the Steelers?

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The looming lawsuit (absent a zero-game suspension for Brady) will entail an argument that Goodell wasn’t truly impartial. What better way to prove his “evident partiality” (lawyers) than to demonstrate the true contours of the mine field through which Goodell has been tiptoeing?


And what better way to do that than to march all 32 owners into court for sworn testimony regarding their communications with Goodell and the league office regarding the Brady suspension and appeal?


Before billionaires who routinely resisting submitting to any authority other than their own would submit to the authority of a judge, they’ll fight that requirement. Aggressively.


The possibility that owners may have to testify also could result in a new wave of pressure, influence, lobbying, etc. on Goodell. The new message won’t be, “Throw the book at Brady.” It may instead be, “Make this all go away. Now.”


Owner influence could make Brady?s lawsuit stronger | ProFootballTalk

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I have said it before, the NFL can't run a piecemeal criminal justice system, it won't work, ever.


This is a great strategy by the Brady powers that be. Drag all 32 owners into court and make them all give up all of their personal communications including their cell phones.


Or looking at it a different way, this is why Kingdoms don't work, Goodell pointed his finger at Brady and said off with his head, only it doesn't work that way in America.


Not just because I want the Pats to beat Steelers but I hope Brady wins because the NFL's idea of justice is broken. Goodell should have been out with Rice and that Zebra ain't ever changing his stripes.

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There are not many things I would like more than to see all of those 32 greedy butt heads getting hauled into court to testify...I also love to see Goodell caught in this mess...which was TOTALLY his own doing. This "crime" by Brady and the Pats deserved a $25,000 fine...and then it is all over...


He decided to be tough guy and the you know what has hit the fan...

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