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Sweet 16 in November Contest Results.


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Here are the results of this contest. As always they won't be final for 24 hours. All contestants should use that time to check their score for any errors and report them if any are found. Once that time period has passed the contest is considered final.


The winner should contact Guru at theguru@fuse.net to claim the prize of choice.


No tiebreaker was needed. The winner is the only one to pick a team that made it to the championship game of the Boys Sweet 16.



The winner is..................................................




gold sunrise 11

thegeneral 8

The Scribe 8

cch5432 7

NorthernKYWildcat 7

Big Red Machine 7

chatter box 6

oldschooler79 6

centuriondawg 6


The Professor 6

InTheLoop 6

Sports Mojo 6

DirtySally 6

Golden Child 6

Goliath 6

Eagles Soar 6

catsin05 5

Les 5

UnderPar 5

h.s.sportsrbest 5

slinky 5

dmd31base 5



The Head Director 4

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