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CKC Frosh/JV Scores and Standings- week 2


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These are the frosh/jv scores from our CKC (Central Kentucky Conference- yes we stole the name from where I grew up) games tonight. I am posting this info in response to guru's request for more of this type of information. This conference has been great for our programs. We are all of similar size with similar issues, trying to help our kids improve. The conference was Montgomery HC Dan Gooch's idea and it was a good one.


Our (Mason) 0-1 score is our tiebreaker unique to our conference. Since we are playing double headers, it is a school night, and alot of these kids are the depth that plays on Fridays, we make a 2 point conversion our tiebreaker. It decides the game in one play for the purpose of conference standings but doesn't wear on our kids and keep them out late - some of our games have quite a bit of travel.


If a team can't field a frosh or jv team for that week, they forfeit for the purpose of conference standings.


We realize we are not the powerhouses of KY HS football and you can certainly see that Mason County sits at the bottom of the conference for now. If you would, try not to bash any of the kids or programs involved. In the past I would not share this information because I didn't want to open up the kids or programs to negative comments. I am doing this now because I support BGPreps- I think it is the best forum for HS football and I want to support the guru in his efforts to run a first class site.


Thank you- ChiefSmoke, David Buchanan


CKC Standings:

W L Pts Allowed

Rowan 3 1 22

Bourbon 3 1 40

Lewis 2 0 6

Montgomery 2 0 8

Fleming 2 2 26

Mason 0 4 53

Harrison 0 4 72




Lewis 1

Mason 0



Lewis 12

Mason 6



Bourbon 44

Harrison 14



Bourbon 1

Harrison 0



Rowan 1

Fleming 0



Rowan 6

Fleming 22

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