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  1. You guys better quit laughing or I'm going to tell the aces!!!
  2. Ipapi, we have just beat #1,#3 #6 in the last three weeks I don"t think Russell is ranked ,is it??? Also you might say something to Notre Dame,and LOuisville and what other D-1 schools that happen to pick up about three more of F.C.'s players that there really just over hyped.
  3. iPapi, this is the second week in a row we have played great physical teams an we won both times. Must be something to this " Tony "thing . By the way Kamuf had over 100 yds rushing early in the second qtr,anybody at Russell have that many yards for the game.
  4. Catholic will probably lose to Russell next week because our defense sucks, our offense sucks, our coaching staff sucks, and up until three years ago we only played flag football!! But you know what, were learning, believe or not we beat the #1.#3,& #6 teams in the last three weeks . Gives a couple more years we will get there.......
  5. Hey Francis, the east controls this board, you know it and i know it however, I am pretty sure this will be the year of the PRIVATES in 2-A.....
  6. Hey Mr. Moderator, have you seen Catholic play? The east can not run on Catholic, they tried the old wing-t tonight, its out dated and I would venture to say that Zinser is a much better back than any at Russell , you guys in the east just don't get it. The west is King this year Mayfield,Bowling Green and of course the Aces.... O.C. 35 Russell 6
  7. Hey Scribe, Aces have won three regionals in a row, not two. "03,"04,& '05. Maybe, I'm stretching it a bit about the defense. But I do think the Offense is more well rounded and explosive!!!!!!
  8. Most everyone on this thread except for O.C. fans has not seen this team play. So to give you an idea how they perform, remember O.C.'s defense in '03 and O. C.'s offense last year well turn up the offense about three notches (D-1 Qb or not) put the '03 defense with it and you got this year's team. P.S. F.C. was not a fluke, Catholic beat them on the scoreboard and phyiscally on over the field !!!!!
  9. The same thing I said about Trigg Co., Catholic will prevail in a very big way!!!!!
  10. There has been two posts on this thread talking about O'boro Cath. should worry about Desales, I haven't seen anyone from Catholic talking on this thread about a game after friday night. However, I've seen several Corbin fans talking about how good Desales is this year, maybe Corbin thinks if Desales wins the state that's like them comming in second ?????????
  11. Desales,I heard they were big and slow,however their running back is very good. Catholic is not to shabby in the size and running dept. Ijames will Jar your teeth just ask Gordon at F.C.
  12. Midee, I've had three sons play at OCHS the last one played last year its something I will always treasure...... good luck to you and your sons!!!!!!
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