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  1. I am looking for a list or website that has All District and All County listings for Louisville area districts and Jefferson County. I need them from around 1968 until now. Please let me know if you can help. Trying to develop some program history.
  2. Hmm, this second post was posted on April 20th. School was in session on April 20th. Sorry
  3. haha that is hilarious. Way to go trying to make it look like you really know something.
  4. What he said was not posted in a interview. You would have to been there live when he had that forum at Gheens Academy.
  5. "If the court rules against the Board of Education, the district will have to consider other assignment plans, Todd said. That could mean returning to neighborhood schools or removing race from the factors considered in assigning students to a school." Pat Todd is the director of student assignment Here is the article link also http://www.courier-journal.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070420/NEWS01/704200457 How do the kids say it? pwned?
  6. for years there was no bussing or open enrollment and everything was fine. I agree about the choices deal but I also agree that parents who care will do what they know is right even if they had no choice in school. But, you would still have choice in school, just move. There is your choice. Bad neighborhoods generally have bad schools. If you don't like the school you probably won't like the neighborhood. Thousands of school districts operate through neighborhood schools and tell me they don't have a sense of community pride.
  7. Nope, Jefferson County provides transportation for you no matter what school you want to go to. If you live in Valley Station and want to go to Eastern you get transportation from JC. I believe Shawnee may need some work. Manual is really nice inside. Step foot in there. Communities will become stonger because everyone will go to the same school. Kids will know each other and in effect so will parents. Communities would also take pride in their school because it will be THEIR SCHOOL.
  8. By speaking up and demanding it. Saving all this money on not bussing kids all over the county could be used to fix schools who right now during open enrollment are now where equal to other schools. The way you address the needs is to make sure that every school has upper level courses and advanced programs, not just a few of them. It can and will benefits schools, students, and make communities stronger. And the magnet and options program is a sham. Very few students actually use it for its full worth.
  9. if thats the case then you move onto your second and third questions you posted.
  10. No one really gained from bussing. Schools gained from open enrollment but in that type of system is ther is a gain, someone also has to lose. Everyone can't win in an open enrollment system and everyones knows it. Schools are not equal as they should be because they are all under the umbrella of JCPS. JCPS has selected the schools they want to succeed the most and everyone knows this. Rockmom, those are three good questions that parent should have to ask. If you live in a coomunity you don't want it run down. You should want to take pride in the school in your community and send you
  11. Wow, diogenes, very insightful. Thanks for contributing. You seem to know a lot, so I was curious. Could JCPS go back to neighborhood schools and effectively keep Male, Manual, Butler as schools with no neighborhood areas or resides area?
  12. obviously you didn't read the paper this morning or have been reading the paper. Read the Metro section this morning. But the discussion is if it happens. What schools may become powers or maybe will there be more parity? also, the new superintendent stated he doesn't like the fact that schools here in Louisville are set up to succeed and others to fail. Meaning Manual, Male, Butler etc. He thinks all schools should be equal.
  13. There is a strong possibility that Jefferson County may have to go back to neighborhood schools if the assignment plan is struck down by the supreme court. If this happens, which schools may become powers who might not have previously been?
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