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  1. 103 Wayne-Sullivan 112 Wayne-Zant 119 Wayne-Daniels 125 Mcreary-Bryant 130 Sheldon Clark-Howard 135 Lawerence-Murton 140 ?? Don't know anybody at this weight class 145 Wayne-Winchester 152 Wayne-Joey Sanders 160 Sheldon Clark-Dials 171 Sheldon Clark-Kelly 189 ??? It's gonna be close 215 Sheldon Clark-Chaffin 275 Sheldon CLark-Wells Teams-
  2. Who will win in each weight clas? And who do u think will win overall?
  3. 103- sullivan 112-cory spencer 119-? 125-Bryant 130-Howard 135-Murton 140-Anthony Patrick 145-? 152-? 160-Adam Dials 171-Kelly 189-? 215-? 275-Wells Teams- 1)Sheldon Clark well thats how its looking right now.
  4. Who i sthe best wrestlerf at 130?
  5. Jon Wells got thrown out of the tournament after getting beat in his semis match.And Slone got beat one match from placing.
  6. The Kentucky Boys did great down in Grundy Virginia. Howard, Kelly , and Spencer all made it in to the finals, Howar dcame away with the gold and Kelly got beat by a senior from point Pleasent, nto bad for a freshman, and Spencer had a good match he just made a coupek fo mistakes. He will be a conteneder for it next year.
  7. My vote is for Howard but Josh Ashbrook is a good wrestler and he did beat Howard at the bourbon bash but i dont' believe howard wrestled like he should have, it looked liek he was scared or something. But i beleive if they was to wrestle again i would liek to be around to see it. I guess we will see at state.
  8. Who is there to look out for at 140?
  9. Who is there to look out for at 135?
  10. Banks isn't underrated. If anything he is over rated. But he is a real good wreslter.
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