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  1. Since you mentioned movies let me put it this way. Think of the most suspense filled movie you could think of (can't think of one right now) everyone in the theatre is on the edge of thier seat and you can fill the tension all around you. The hero is hanging on by a thread but some how he or she (politically correct) manages to escape and they have this great sense of joy and fullfillment for accomplishing this great feat even though they are beaten down and utterly exhausted. Now multiply this by the number of team mates and you have something so special that it as, RAM was saying, is hard
  2. If you go by cantralls rankings you will be wrong most of the time. Every game this year with our team has been wrong and not by a little but by alot. His rankings are a joke.
  3. Dayton is a good football team with a good defense and they have played a tough schedule. They just turned the ball over to much. They were too physical for Lynn Camp last year and I expect the same this year. The Green Devils will have a nice bus ride home. 35-21 Dayton
  4. Matt is doing really well. He is getting better each day and has accepted the challenge very well
  5. Yea I was there, last year both games were on Sat.
  6. This game will be close and who ever plays better on special teams and has the least amount of turn overs will win. I say LC will win by 2. I just don't know which LC.
  7. Lynn Camp played with entirely new offense front. Only 2 kids was on the team last year and 1 starter but he was playing a different position. I was surprised the kids up front blocked as well together as they did. Pineville blitzed quite often and they did a good job picking most of them up. I was told that LC rushed for well over 300yds including JV which played the last 14min or so. Steele had 150+ yards and wagner had over 100 (nothing exact just going on what I was told.) I thought that Pineville would be more improved and they probably were on offense but defense looked about the same.
  8. You are correct. They basically went back to the old way of playing opposite district in your region in stead of playing with in your district like the last couple of years. Most coaches wanted to get back to this.
  9. I know who you are talking about but he left in spring and came back in Aug. Name not Harris though. There has been some leave but none that has helped Corbin or hurt LC.
  10. In the last 25 years Lynn Camp has not lost 1 "PLAYER" to the MIGHTY HIGHNESS hound dogs.
  11. 8th Graders could play up until we went to 4 teams from each district in the playoffs back around the '91 season. Where I went to HS I know a couple of people that played as 8th graders and even 1 7th grader. One of the 8th graders started. Also I believe the rule on 8th graders playing is no varsity sports and they can not play in JV games if either team has a Jr participating. They can play basketball and baseball though.
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