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  1. Actually SK vs Campbell Co and Cov. Cath. vs. Boone any scores?
  2. IM4RYLE did you ever get an update for week of 9/28?
  3. Official Dixie beats Boone Co 37-6 It was 31-0 at halftime. Seconds played most of 2nd half. Anyone know what time Sat. Cov. Cath. plays Conner @ Conner?
  4. Would someone inform Bulldog 51 that Campbell Co is 3-1. They have Grant as a win, Grant not in NKAC, aLSO DIXIE beat Boone 37-6 last night.
  5. The last team to beat Highlands for the freshman overall championship wasDixie(Greg Preston & co.)9-0 in 2001 21-7 @ Dixie
  6. SK beat Cov. Cath by three TD'S Dixie beat Holmes 47-6. The other games are on thursday night
  7. Dixie beats Holmes 47-6. Dixie up 41-0 at half. Second team played the entire second half. Dixie 3-0
  8. Dixie beat Connor Freshman last night 18-0. Dixie goes 2-0 so far
  9. Dixie's Frosh beat Simon Kenton 23-8. It was 23-0 for most of the game and SK scored against Dixie's second team. Both were pretty good teams
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