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  1. You all should be proud of your young men and coaching staff but be carefull of overlooking the mountains which I know most of you are not.
  2. my bad he is a very good player, just could not remember that dagone name. I was close.
  3. From Southeast Kentucky Jason Leger-Rock DL Not as big as most big time recruits (in life only 6' but plays much harder with great quicks and heart) Chaz Stradley-Corbin OL huge with good feet, starting to live up to expectations. Shawn Robbins-Bell Co. RB yes a 4.47 is legit, college coaches in attendance timed him then they asked him to run again, he did. Jacob Warren- Bell Co. OL Was second team last year and will repeat after getting bigger and stronger over the summer, power cleans a team record 335. Jarrod Lawson- Corbin RB runs hard good size but speed will prevent him from playing HB in college. Jordan Marcum- Bell OL plays center on the B-ball team as well as the FB team good size feet and very smart. Draughn-Pulaski QB if played FB he may be best in state. Allen-Middlesboro RB most dangerous player they have and most valuable. Teams around the state (I have seen) B. Skates-lexington Dunbar OL- Great size I could not get over how athletic he was. Lofton- Mason Co. Great hands can flat out play. #33- Ashland good blocker and plays very hard. #5- Madison Southern Wr. good hands very quick but also very small.
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