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  1. 5 hours ago, TheDeuce said:

    Class 4A

    In a week with three marquee matchups on paper, only one lived up to its billing. Johnson Central continued to look every bit the #1 team that they are in a 62-0 blowout of Letcher County Central. The Golden Eagles needed only 21 rushes to rack up 331 yards on the ground with five touchdowns.  Meanwhile, Mr. Football candidate Braedon Sloan sat out Wayne County's matchup with Corbin, and the Redhounds ran right over Wayne County in a 43-6 victory.  That left #4 Central vs. #3 Franklin County.  Franklin County held a 9-6 lead at the half and 16-6 after three, but they would not score again.  Central converted a pair of fourth down conversions on a drive to start the fourth, drawing within 16-12 after a Duncan 9 yard TD run.  The Flyers turned it over on downs in Central territory with 3:42 left, and the Jackets converted on 4th and 1 at the 3 with 8.3 seconds left on a Williams run, sealing the 18-16 win. The win means a flip in our rankings with Central moving to #3 and means the likely rematch in November will be in Louisville.  Elsewhere, Logan County and Knox Central move back into the rankings.  Logan County toughed out a 14-6 victory over Calloway County in the difficult District 1, while Knox Central took their spot back from Lincoln County with a dominating 42-22 win. The games to watch this week are Johnson Central vs. 3A Belfry and Corbin at 2A Somerset.  Each matchup features ranked teams in different classes.  Belfry may well be the only team to realistically challenge Johnson Central before the state finals.

    1. Johnson Central vs. 3A #2 Belfry

    2. Boyle County - OPEN

    3. Central - OPEN

    4. Franklin County at North Oldham

    5. Corbin at 2A #2 Somerset

    6. Lexington Catholic at 6A Lafayette

    7. Wayne County vs. 5A North Laurel

    8. Russell County - OPEN

    9. Logan County at Hopkins County Central (10/31)

    10. Knox Central at 5A South Laurel

    Is the Boyle/Madison Southern game cancelled?

  2. 3 minutes ago, Purple88 said:

    It is for Crittenden County when you trade a 7-hour trip for a 30 minute trip.

    I agree for Crittenden it was a no brainer. My comment was directed towards Paintsville for scheduling that long of a trip when they could have driven five minutes to Johnson Central who was also needing a game at that time. The game was originally scheduled at Crittenden County. 

  3. 3 minutes ago, ATLCat said:

    The game that makes the most sense as a last minute add is Paintsville vs. Lawrence County.


    Lawrence desperately needs a game, it is just up the road, most likely Lawrence won't care much about the potential RPI implications as they are not expected to win their District anyway, and it would be a more competitive game than Paintsville vs. Johnson Central. They actually played Week 1 last year.. not sure if they were on the schedule for then this season as well before the season was pushed back.

    I was just told that Lawrence will not be playing Paintsville. 

  4. 29 minutes ago, Purple88 said:

    Common sense won out!  Trade a 7 hour one-way trip for roughly a half out trip - one way!

    Although I would have liked to have seen how it played out, this was the right call.

    Hope Paintsville can find a game now.

    Paintsville could have had a game with a team that was a five minutes away when they scheduled Crittenden County. So common sense was never a part of the process. 

  5. Impressed with both teams moxie in this one! Good luck to Madisonville next week! I'll be rooting for you!

    Really nice turnaround Franklin and I think they will be really strong next year too!


    Not a fan of the RPI, play a weak schedule, beat lesser teams, get a high RPI and host teams from far away and you will have significant advantage. :idunno:

    So are you saying that Johnson Central played a weaker schedule than Madisonville North Hopkins?

  6. Boyle County continues to destroy their opponents with ease it seems like. Biggest part of their games have been running clocks. Boyle County will run the regular season table. I'm sure they will win a 4A state title as well.


    After seeing what they've done this season, I don't even think Johnson Central could contain Boyle County's speed and high powered offense.


    My question is, is Boyle County, the best team in the entire state? Is their someone better or could give them a game?


    I would guess you haven’t watched a Boyle County or a Johnson Central game but yet you continue to start threads like these.

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