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  1. 0-0 after 5 innings. Rockcastle only threatened to score a couple of times but no serious threat. Perkins must have been on a pitch count. Boyd did hit a triple and a double both to right field, but Perkins struck out the remaining batters of the inning.
  2. Tanner Perkins pitched 5 innings for Rockcastle Co. and struck out 13 out of the 15 outs. Boyd Co. didn't beat the Rockets' ace but Tyler kept them in the game long enough to get into Rockcastle's pen.
  3. I was at the game as well. I believe Rockcastle Co. scored a few TD's, maybe 4, on defense in the 1st half. I believe if I wanted to hold the score down, I would RUN the football. The 1st half lasted 1 hour and 35 minutes! Bourbon Co. threw way too much.
  4. It was a lot of fun......It's great when you go to state but when nobody expects you to...... it's special. Congrats Lady Rockets! Thanks for spoiling all the Rockcastle Co. fans! 3 in a row......and counting.
  5. The Lady Rockets are missing some opportunities but LCC keeps giving them back....Another missed lay-up off a steal!
  6. Thank you statman, the weather was just too bad for me tonight. Couldn't go.
  7. I can't get that so I'll keep up with you. Any scoring leader's for the Lady Lions?
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