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  1. Yes I do. Saying I would kick them off the team is not that harsh. Happens every year at probably every school. You have to draw the line at some point.
  2. I agree firmly. Yet, another black eye for Holmes. Here is a link to todays article in the Enquirer. http://news.nky.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/AB/20070112/SPT0302/701120431 Holmes coach David Henley and athletic director Ron Madrick confirmed Thursday, the eve of today's district matchup with city rival Holy Cross, that six players had been suspended for a "violation of team rules." The suspensions will last five games or more. Although neither the coach nor AD would name the players, Madrick said four of them have started at one time.
  3. If you knew some of the situations dealt with by some of the players you would know what LATCH says is the truth.
  4. If it was my decision I would kick the kids off the team for what they did. Too many chances, especially for a certain one who left the team last year. Play the kids who want to be there and be coached!
  5. I keep seing Corey Grace?? He would not be on my all CvCath team..He did not impress me very much He graduated 97' btw
  6. I agree Old Guy. Louiville and Lex. are the size of all three NKY counties if not larger
  7. Don't know too much about him except all the moves. Just kind of odd for a high schooler to transfer that often, that's it.
  8. Wonder if he will transfer again and make it 4 schools in 4 years.
  9. He has had injury problems which has slowed his progression. He has very bad knees.
  10. I did not hear anything about the intimidation. I agree with your statement but was it just a ploy to attend another school to be the star??? Who knows
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