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  1. No truth to CSHS speculation about video exchange issues. The two coaches exchanged video straight up after the Cov Cath game and the Lex Cath staff went back to Lexington to go to work.
  2. Rumor has it that several in Meade Co. may consider the loss to Manual unfair due to Manual being a Magnet school allowing for the draw of students from a large metropolitan area of a 300,00 or so polation. There is some rumor that they may be contemplating protesting the results to the KHSAA as an inequaltable situation or one in which it should be considered by the KHSAA as grounds for a proposal to level the playing field. I have heard that their beef is that students from all over the Jefferson Co. area can apply to attend Manaul and go through a screening process for acceptance to Manual, and that these students are often outside of the general area considered to be in the immediate or normal Manual district. I have heaerd that Meade may think that some of these students and their families may have used the guise of a strong academic reputation at Manual as a reason for choosing to attend Manual, but that athletics may have been some of the source of their motivation to choose Manual. Rumor has it that the Meade Co. people may be upset because Manual has done some posible marketing or at least some messaging in some way to spread word into the surrounding area promoting the strength of many of the offerings at Manual while puttimg some emphasis on perceived advantages of attending Manual by choice. The impressions seem to be that the Meade Co. folks feel that having to compete against an instution such as Manual and their open enrollment/promotional options seems to lessen the likelihood that the students at Meade Co., who work so hard to be the best, feel slighted and feel that their "self-esteem" may be permantly harmed should they not be put into a situation where they win a state trophy, thus popssibly damaging their children's future confidence and opportunities to be tomorrow's leaders of a competitive/corporate world geared to success for all. Not sure what their next contemplated possible proposal to the KHSAA may entail at the next generall assembly of the KHSAA, but inquiring minds want to know what their AD and Superintendent may possibly propose to make things an equitable and level field for the youth of Meade Co. to win a title?
  3. What is your point purplepanther? Are you saying that each student should have his/her choice regarding which school to attend? Are you saying that open enrollment on Pikeville's part is different than that of a private school? The reason I ask is that many private schools have no selection process, just as you say that Pikeville doesn't. Most private schools only have a test to determine whether your academic abilities place you in honors courses or not, not whether you are eligible to attend or not. Also, Professor, moving this to 7th grade seems unAmerican regarding a family having the choice of high schools to attend when several schools are only 9-12 schools. Of course, anyone believing that ownership status exists by the local public school would not buy into the American way of freedom of choice, so it would be a moot point for them. If that is someone's belief then they have to apply that standard to the public schools as well as the privates and eliminate anyone paying tuition to attend Pikeville HS or Morgan Co. or Danville or Somerset, etc., if that student is "out of district".
  4. The KHSAA has no rules against a student esblishing any schools as their home school coming out of the 8th grade. I think if you checked with most public systems they have a tuition rate for students attending who live outside of their tax base or they have a reciprical agreement to get the state money. A student entering the 9th grade can live in AnyTown, Kentucky, and attend any school he chooses and particiapte in athletics. A student could live in Floyd Co. and choose to attend Pikeville HS or Highland HS (would be quite a drive) or Morgan Co. HS or Somerset HS or Tates Creek HS. This is just so misunderstood. School boundaries in regards to athletics for entering 9th graders are established by local school districts, not the KHSAA. If your district is restricting incoming students and you don't like it, contact your local school district to complain. It is not a KHSAA guideline! Now, once the student establishes his home school, then if he transfers there must be a bonafide change of residence, etc. This applies to public and private schools equally.
  5. "Public and Independant schools are the same. They may both except students from outside their district and charge tuition." originally posted by Oldschoolwrestler If oldschoolwrestler's statement above is correct, what advantage does a private, independent, or county school have since parents can choose to send their kids to any of these 3 options when they enter their freshmen year?
  6. Does anyone know Bowling Green's policy regarding out of district students? They are an independent school district, and I have heard that they have a large number of out-of-district students with a nominal tuition rate. I don't know this as fact and that is why I am asking, so please, don't take this as spreading unfounded rumors. Does anyone know their policy, procedure, and cost? Does anyone know if they have tuition breaks for out-of-district students who exhibit a family financial need for a break in their tuition cost? Does anyone know how many athletes on their rosters are out-of-district? If someone has this information (and it is accurate), I think they would be a good measruing stick for this issue. They seem to have a lot of athletic success and a strong academic reputation.
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