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  1. The other team must protest before the umpires leave the field, this happened to wayne co. against Belfry this yr in the 11-12 old state tournement.Belfry lost . But protested the game won by forfeit 6-0.
  2. Big tight end that started last yr. is whom I,m hearing.about the size of A. chapman.(he,s got some big shoes to fill.)
  3. Belfry's schedule looks like this Newport Cath.- Pike county Bowl Ashland- away Lawrence country- away East Ridge- home Magoffin country- home Pikeville- away Pike Central- home Prestonsburg- home Sheldon Clark- away OPEN Shelby Valley- home Playoffs
  4. Let the kid play he's played all yr, if Boyle beats them nobody will have a gripe about who's champion anyway. If hhs win's give the trophy back to khsaa and I'm sure some HHs supporter will buy one just like. But someone should be punished for this kid playing period. I blame the coach he should have made the parents go to court and let the court's make Him let the kid play to clear himself. I also beleive if the coach would have made this kid sit the COA's would have ruled a little faster (maybe not the ruling that everyone at HHs would have liked tho.) How does the kid or kids and their parents that lost their position to this kid feel about this situation. I'd say they are smiling about now.
  5. What subspecie's of the wild turkey do we hunt in kentucky?
  6. I'd like to try one of those Buffalo burger,s ,But ted turner does'nt have one of those fancy Buffalo joints around here yet.
  7. 10 point with a bow, 8 point with a gun. right here close to pond creek i might add.
  8. Two :thumb: :thumb: on this one ,My avatar answers this.
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