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  1. Yeah I agree with playing the game at EKU, I graduated from there and attended almost all of the home games and it is a great atmosphere. And there is plenty of nice hotels and restaurants nearby, plus it is easy to get to and there is plenty of parking. (Edit) Nope there are stands on both sides of the field.
  2. I carry a Taurus PT-99, 9MM. I bought two high capacity mags to go along with it (15 rounders). I am wanting to buy a Ruger .22 though just to carry while I am riding my four wheeler.
  3. If we are talking about state champioship appearances all time here is how they break down. Mountain Schools 20 Class A appearances Record 9-11 Champions (9) Middlesboro (1) Pikeville (3) Lynch (4) Elkhorn City (1) Runner-Ups Cumberland (3) Paintsville (2) Pikeville (1) Elkhorn City (1) Lynch (4) 21 Class 2 A Apearances Record 7-14* This includes the Breathitt/Corbin Matchup 2003 Champions (6) Breathitt County (3) Corbin (3) Paul Blazer (1) Runner-Ups Prestonsburg (2) Somerset (3) Corbin (3) Pikeville (1) Middlesboro (3) Paul Blazer (1) 7 Class 3 A Appearances Record 2-5 Champions (2) Bell County (1) Paul Blazer (1) Runner-Ups Rockcastle County (2) Belfry (3) I believe these numbers are right, I got them off of the KHSAA website. I think that compared to other parts of the state, Eastern KY fairs pretty well. We are more competitive in our classes than the Lexington schools are, and just as competitive in the class 2A as the Western Kentucky and Central Kentucky schools.
  4. Which of the fours subspecies of turkey is usually the largest? Which subspecies usually has the longest spurs? Which subspecies has white tipped tailfeathers? Where was the world record gobbler killed and what species was it?
  5. What is meant by the term shock gobble? And what can elicit a shock gobble?
  6. I have never really like fishing, don't really know why I just can't stand it. But I would hunt anytime of the week in any weather, just give me a gun and point me in a general direction. I don't even like eating fish that much, but I really enjoy any wildlife food. Deer, turkey, grouse, rabbit anything at all.
  7. Give me the backstrap off of a deer any day of the week. I'd rather have that than anything else.
  8. I tell ya what, watching the sun rise over Big Black Mountain(highest point in Ky) is a beautiful site to see in Eastern Ky.
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