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  1. went fishing this past sunday at a sportsmans club in midway. Myself, brother, and dad went and tried to ignore the cold as much as possible, caught around six bass each, the lure of choice.. a double tailed yamamoto, yamamoto lizard, and a plastic rootbeer colored powerbait. For the first time i got checked by a game warden and didnt have any problems at all with the guy, except for the fact that the owner of the club forget to tell us about the mandatory membership pass which wasnt given to us..... Fishing is gettin hotter as the weather does also!!!:kiss:
  2. went to the local lake to cast aline since i haven been able too in a long while due to a leg injury but i wasn't expecting to catch anything but ended up with a good sized catfish on a gary yamamoto double tailed grub, im tellin everyone if you see these worms anywhere buy them, the best fishing bait ive ever used. hoping to head out this weekend with my dad and brother, see if i still have he touch
  3. Anything cooked on a smoker slow and steady is the best in my opinion but my fav prolly is deer tenderloin wrapped in bakon and slowly cooked overnight on a smoker.... ooo boy my mouth is watering!
  4. It's where they played hike n' seek?? u hear a bomb..... run and hide while they seek you! Maybe not but its what i would do!
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