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  1. Well everyone keep arguing about this, I will read it all tomorrow... It's past my bedtime, I need to get some rest... Even though I don't have classes tomorrow. Beuty sleep is hard to come by nowadays, just ask CheerNBhappy... She went from a blonde bombshell to....nevermind....:lol:
  2. Note to everyoneDO NOT WRITE ANYONE AND TALK BAD ABOUT THEGURU You never know who all the guru is...:lol: :lol: Not that we ever would, we all love the guru!!!
  3. After looking at everything, I am going with luvthegame, I am no longer buying it... I think this is another scheme by the guru... Just to see who all will say, yeah, I knew it all along....:sssh:
  4. BTW, when Cheer put her and her bf on her avatar, was that the guru and his bf??:devil: I sure am glad I didn't write anything to cheer... This still could be a big prank pulled on CheerNBhappy, maybe so nobody will like her whenever TheGuru lets her back on...:lol:
  5. I had a bad number of posts so I wanted to make sure I posted one more time... If someone said Guru was CrazyBoy I would have believed it in a heartbeat... What a month he had...:kiss: So the Guru was leader of the Guranators, and one of the highest distinctions in the Chick Nation...:scared:
  6. You know, even if there was a cheer, there is no way to prove it. The Guru has the power to do anything he wants on here. You talked about him and Cheer posting at the same time, he could have set the time back to make it look this way. The Guru has many tricks up his sleeve. However, I am still waiting for Cheer to pop up and call him a liar... If the Guru is Cheer, he did a swell job... Even suspended himself once.... WOW:D
  7. My sister's boyfriend has a part in it. He is an extra playing a reporter or something like that.... Must take the first people that come along lol....:lol:
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