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  1. The Saint seems to be well researched in this topic, and possibly has some great points. I tend to believe that Rose Hill did not gain such prominence over night(essentially) without the aid of others. In the case of BW it is a shame that a kids life is being spewed out over the internet by people who are/were "concerned" about his academic life. Lets face some facts, in reality an education/good environent may be what originally brought a player like Mayo to Rose Hill, but that is essentially all that it took to bring other players to the Hill. In essence he is the drawing card and as long as
  2. Davis I couldn't analyze it any better than that.
  3. I certainly believe you Guru, I was never questioning your sources. This is certainly a sad situation all the way around. AAU continues to be one of the many outside powers that continue to disrupt the high school game. Once again a parent and another outsider has ruined a good opportunity for a kid to gain a quality education and play basketball in the best place in the good ol' US the bluegrass state.
  4. If that is true Guru that has to be one of the most selfish acts by a player and more importantly a parent I've ever heard of. Then in this case I applaud Rose Hill's academic administration and faculty for taking the right stance. As an educator I can truly appreciate that if this is the true answer to all of our questions.
  5. To answer your question goherd. The simple fact is the media does not appreciate being told falsities by coaches and administrators, that is a question that I can not answer for Rose Hill. This is what many in the media view as a question of credibility. A reporter may be left scratching their head on how to analyze a coach or school official in future meetings. I know that this happens pretty regularly, but does that make it a practice that should continue???
  6. I'm not sure if that is what was being told by Rose Hill officials and others for sure, but in a story in the Ashland Daily Indepedent and I seem to remember in Coach Hall's postgame radio show him saying Bill was under the weather folowing the Harrison County game. As Arsenio Hall use to say things that make you go hmmmmm. A school built upon morals and lying to the media;). I'm not questioning officials at Rose Hill, but I seem to believe that they knew all along. Of course I could be totally off base and I apologize if I am, but if anyone can shed some light on this please do so. Thanks.
  7. So what exactly does AAU ball have to do with Walker's status playing for Rose Hill??Does anyone have answer to this one??Has the 16th Region became a little tighter at the top with Rose Hill and Morgan County??All of this is still left to be answered. I'm sure more will be revealed in the next few days and coming weeks. Guru if I can find out anything you'll be the 1st to know.
  8. So the stories the royal camp gave the local media outlets of Walker being ill was all bogus?? Just wondering:rolleyes:
  9. In all sincerity this is not as big a suprise as it may seem to others. By just being an outside observer of Rose Hill one could see Walker acted out on the court a few times and his maturity level was no where near what it needed to be to play varsity basketball. Sure has all the physical tools to play at this level, but mentally he just isn't prepared yet. OJ though only an 8th grader shows poise beyond his years, way beyond Walker who is nearly if not the same age. I wish Walker well he is a tremendous talent, but this certainly hurts the Royals depth inside. Walker gave the Royals and outs
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