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  1. The Conner men definitely came out a little flat in the first half, playing very defensively. The NCC goal that was scored appeared to be a handball right in front of the goal and the Conner players stopped playing, waiting for the ref to make the call, but he didn't. Both sides last night seemed to be unhappy with the referee calls, or lack there of. The NCC goalie was solid against the PK's, blocking 2. Great ride for the Conner Cougars. 3 of their players were named to the 1st Team All Region, Colin Noble, Logan Drew, and Dekkar Haaser.
  2. They came out to accept their trophy. But for the all the other awards, including two of their players for all tournament team, the entire team stood back behind the field/bench are in a huddle with their backs to the field! It just appeared very disrespectful.
  3. Amazing win for Conner. They didn't stop. Great great game!!! It was disappointing to see Ryle not come take the field for awards after the game, like all the other teams that played.
  4. Wow, just wow is all I can say about last night's game. Conner came out ready to play and they left it all on that field! It was great to see them pull together and work as a team!
  5. Conner beats Boone 2-1 with 2:40 left to play. Ryle beat Cooper 4-1. Great matchup Tuesday night at 6:30 at Conner, Ryle vs. Conner.
  6. Conner beats Cooper in overtime 2-1. Ryle vs. Conner Monday night at 6:30pm at Conner. Ryle beats Boone in overtime. Boone dominated most of the game. Ryle had Homecoming the night before. Raiders come out on top.
  7. It was looking good for Ryle when in the first 30 seconds of kick off Conner puts in an own goal for Ryle. Conner just kept knocking and pulled ahead 3-1 and Ryle seemed to lose steam at that point and lost focus and scored an own goal for Conner. 4-1. Conner's speed and agility is at it's finest. If they can stay focused and not get caught up in playing kick ball, they are going to be hard to beat.
  8. Conner came out quick and took the lead 2-0. Lost some focus in the second half and in 2 minutes time, Boone scored 2. With about 3 minutes left, Boone fouls in the box and Conner gets a PK. Hard and low to the left for the Conner win! Boone gave them a good game.
  9. No, it was at Conner. Not the best showing for Conner, they are a way better team than they showed last night. Great passing by Cov Cath looked like it made Conner panic a little a play a little too much kick ball. They will bounce back!!
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