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  1. Little brother is good, but not close to Blake. Their middle school teams are really good. 8th grader Conner Snapp and 7th grader Carter Mcclanahan start JV and get Varsity Minutes too. Really bright future.
  2. Everyone tries to schedule winnable games. Pretty dumb not to. Kids deserve some success.
  3. If neither team is better, it wont be. Hopefully both are better.
  4. I hope you are right. I think Hinson is a very good 32 minute coach. He just needs help. At other stops, he had a lot of good assistant coaches that ran a lot of his practices and were able to help. At Bracken, hes on his own. Turnovers and bad shooting killed them last season. Will need to really step it up on defense, because the same shooters are basically back this year.
  5. This upcoming season is a part of this year. Next season will be part of next year.
  6. I didnt say the Mcclanahan boy would have played Varsity this season, but he sure would have next season. After Jhace, you have zero point guards. As far as the other boys, I didnt say they were great. I just said they left. When you look at pure basketball talent, there is very little there and very little coming up. Some decent athletes, but not good basketball players IMO
  7. Brandon Dice, Tanner Horn, and Carter Jefferson to Robertson Co. Multiple players deciding not to even play. The ONE 6th grader that left for Augusta is not your average player. He would have seen varsity minutes next year. When talent is that low, you cant a afford to lose anyone.
  8. That's the problem, I dont know. From the outside looking in, more coaches are needed. Not sure who decides those things, but that needs to happen first.
  9. This season will be rough, and besides his son, no talent on the way. Too many players leaving. Something must change
  10. His kids are not coming, so no kids involved for any coaches. Heard Jimmy Brown was added to staff as well. Solid staff with no kids involved. Sounds like a good start. All 4 know baseball and are no nonsense. Should be good for the kids.
  11. From everything I know, he will bring a different attitude and I love his Assistant Coaches. People that Ive talked to seem excited.
  12. If you're only hoping to win 10 games and you dont have seeding, you better go ahead and play and develop any younger talent you do have.
  13. If Travis Tucker cant play this year will They get 6 wins? They really have no size and guards were up and down last year
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