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  1. Jason Chappell has taken over this job per WYMT.
  2. Per WYMT news. Jason Chappell was named Head Coach at North Laurel during halftime of their basketball game. He was head coach at Pineville last year.
  3. Oryend received offer number 6 from the University of Memphis today.
  4. Picked up offer 5 from the University of Kentucky today!!
  5. After a great camp at West Virginia today, Oryend picks up offer number 4. 1 Louisville 2 EKU 3 Central Michigan 4 West Virginia
  6. Yes, Great Crossing has a home game vs MOCO on 10/8
  7. He is on an official visit at Tennessee this weekend. Also had an official with Purdue the weekend of June 4.
  8. Picked up his third offer from Central Michigan today.
  9. After a impressive camp yesterday. UK offered Kalib.
  10. Kalib Perry received offer 12 today from Tennessee. First SEC offer.
  11. Received offer # 2 from EKU yesterday. Right now he is looking at camps. Only 3 he has scheduled is Cincinnati, EKU and Louisville. Looking at others now. He is getting a lot of looks right now. What else would you like to know?
  12. 2023 6’6” Oryend Fisher, DE from Great Crossing High School received his first offer from Louisville yesterday. In 8 games he had 7.5 sacks and averaged 9 tackles a game.
  13. Kalib received offer number 11 , last night from WKU.
  14. He has also has received offers from Purdue, Marshall and EKU the past 2 weeks.
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