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  1. Warriors were lights out with Cundiff dropping 35, Gover had 23, and Stevens added 22 for the home win.
  2. I thought he may have played Varsity his 8th grade year but it was proven he didn't. Big numbers in 4 years! Congrats Peyton!
  3. Peyton Gover in his 4 year career has over 2,100 points. He may get to 2,500 before it's over.
  4. Somerset up 42 to 24 at the half Jumpers up 21 on Pulaski at one point.
  5. 3 games in 24 hours is hard period, they did it against good competition. Gover, Cundiff, Stevens, or Cromer pick your poison if your playing defense. Dykes is starting to get going as well, I think because of other sports Dykes is still playing catch up. It takes time to get in basketball shape.
  6. Well played game on both ends, SW goes 3-0 in 24 hours in Rowan Co. and off to a 9-0 start.
  7. Peyton Gover scored 32 while Hunter Stevens added 23. Southwestern will play Louisville Eastern at 9:00 tonight.
  8. Peyton Gover drops 37 and Hunter Stevens follows up with 15.... Gover has to be hands down the best PG in the region if not the best player! Southwestern moves to 7-0
  9. Wayne County brought Kroger bags to SW game at SW ....that was classic even as a SW fan I had to chuckle.
  10. What if the hire is already teaching at that school? Also what if the coach say that gets hired at PC works in the county but not for PC schools but SW? Still 30 Days?
  11. Is there a 30 day post on those jobs? Coach Vioght at PC was let go March 28th and I was told they have to have the job posted 30 days before they can make an official hire, I'm not sure how true that is, just wondering if that's true?
  12. The kid was afraid to really go to anybody and other kids spoke up to their parents. Cameras were then placed in the gym, To monitor practices. Nobody ever really came forward on that deal, the kid didn't want any problems and just wanted to play basketball and was afraid that telling and making a huge deal would hurt his chances to play. Wright told the kid it was a mistake and he didn't mean too. Wrights gone so there's no use in dwelling on the past. Looking forward to the future of SW's basketball program. Hopefully Coach Baker gets the job and they do it as quickly as possible.
  13. Everything you said is on point, what you have said hasn't went unoticed either by the proper authorities. Just glad the school can start a new chapter.
  14. Not only throw the ball at your a kids head but hit the kid, there's cameras in the gym now so that helps things out. I still don't understand the stat ordeal, Wright wanted all control more than anything and no help from parents or coaching staff. He wasn't able to keep up with it all and then pushed everyone else away that would help.
  15. Agree 100%, I only saw two players post stats though.
  16. Yea Wayne and SW had some good games. Your student section walked in with Kroger bags I bout fell out of the stands. That was a classic on Waynes part.
  17. The AD and principal were aware and Wright said he would get it fixed. They stayed on him and he never coughed up a password for anyone else to do it.
  18. There were 20-25 letters in his desk for players and he never gave them to the student athlete or hinted they had letters. I loved Wright and thought he was a great a fit, but the last two years it's been a circus and I'm talking about things he's done. Like I said I hate throwing out dirt on a forum, Wright can be one of the best Coach's in the state, but he lost control of himself and the team.
  19. Have to have a password to enter in the stats. I'm not the type to argue on forums. It's pointless really, people did offer to help.
  20. Actually I did offer to keep stats. Not getting into all the details on this forum. Wright wanted control of it all. I hate things went how they did. Several people tried to do stats.
  21. SW will have a nice core unit with or without Danny and Steven. If they stay and want to be there that's great. If they leave SW will be okay.
  22. Not all I agree but your players have to respect the Coach no matter what. They didn't respect him one bit. We had kids quit because they didn't want to play for the Coach. I'm talking about one kid who quit who would have logged major minutes because he didn't want to put up with Wright. Wright didn't post any of the players stats on the KHSAA webpage all year, with held college letters, threw a ball and hit a kid in the back of the head and the list goes on. By not posting players stats, the kids couldn't be fairly put up for any basketball related honors because they Had no stats to back them up. Also the biggest issue was no college coach was able to access the kids stats because of this. Wright was all about himself, he preached one thing and done another. I wish him well and wish things had went differentl, he thought he was bigger than the program. Hopefully next year Baker gets hired and things change. I'd take a team who would fight for their coach than a team full of talent who had no respect for their coach. Let the chips fall where they may next year but SW is better off no matter who transfers or stays with Wright gone. A lot of things were swept under the rug. Rant over, he gone and it's time for SW to move on with whatever team they may end up with. Some kids may leave but I also know a few kids are coming back out. I'm happy with the team either way especially with Coach Baker leading the way.
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