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  1. 10 minutes ago, Voice of Reason said:

    Obviously Cov Cath will be fine, even if zero basketball players from the Catholic middle school feeders go to CCH.

    This win by St. Henry is a blow to the CCH aura.  If you are a top notch player you don't have to go to CCH. There are other options for that Catholic school education along with an opportunity to be top tier on the basketball court as well. Anyone who would try to dispel that thought looks more Machiavellian after this win.

    OK, Machiavellian?  That’s interesting.

    Like I said, CCH will be fine.  Congrats to St Henry.  I don’t recall this as a topic when HC beat CCH a few years ago, or even Ben Weyer’s NCC team.  I think the current roster composition is the issue that seems to be the problem for people.  To me, the roster would be the chief reason someone may consider another school.

    I guess the next question is, does one, one point win, really cause a blow to the aura of Cov Cath?  Heck, St Henry is one of the favorites to win the 9th Region.  I’m not even sure one season would be a blow to the aura.  Maybe it does, but history doesn’t seem to support that theory.  I don’t remember CCH taking a huge hit win NCC won the 9th in ‘16.  They won the state title two years later.  

    In my opinion, it’s a bit of a reach to call this a blow.  If you think I’m Machiavellian, you’re entitled to that opinion.


  2. I have a feeling the Empire just might strike back, but, we’ll have to see.  First loss against a NKY opponent in two years. In his tenth season of coaching CCH, Scott Ruthsatz now has 19 losses against 9th Region competition.  6 of those losses occurred in year 1.  Simply put, he’s owned the 9th, by any measure.

    As an aside, if a kid chooses to attend St Henry because of Cov Cath’s roster or because of a 1 point regular season win, so be it.  Knock yourself out.  I have a weird feeling that Cov Cath will be just fine.  

    CCH is not invincible this year.  They start one senior.  Yes, they are talented, but, St Henry, and the Birdies have strong senior leadership.  BW is talented and will make noise, featuring the likely all-time 9th Region scoring champ. I think senior leadership will be a huge factor in the tournament.  There’s just something about a senior’s sense of urgency.  

    Separately, I don’t think the Birdies or Beechies shot particularly well against CCH.  Some of it is a credit to the D, but there were open looks.  If some of those fall in the post season, a 15 point game becomes a 5 point game, real quick.  In a close game, senior leadership is huge.

    It’ll be fun.  Congrats to St Henry on the big win.






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  3. 21 minutes ago, Rocket Man said:

    “Any place, any time, any body?   Really?  When was this said before tonight?  Just curious because I have been around for a while and I do not remember Ronny ever saying this.  Prove me wrong.  

    Look at NCC’s history.  They have never ducked anyone, until now.  Is Cov Cath on their schedule?  If not, why not?  Prove me wrong.  NCC has played CCH forever.  



  4. Would BW be a DC candidate in Ft. Thomas, or is he wanting to move on?  I could understand, if he wants to move on, but, obviously he was one of the best in the state for a long, long time.  He and Wolfe were classmates - any insight on their relationship?    I could also understand that a new coach would want no part of any potential baggage, but, if Wolfe and BW are tight, would there be a fit?  This of course assumes Wolfe is interested.

    If H is no longer in the cards, does BW want to coach again?  Seems like a great get for someone, at least as a DC, if not a second chance as HC.

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  5. On 12/11/2020 at 11:19 AM, Jack of all Trades said:

    Nothing to pay attention to, he is gone after this year.  Others on roster have moved passed him.

    I grew really tired of Chad’s antics, toward the end.  But, geez, AJ has been hard to watch. Easy for me to say from the comfort of my living room or seat at PBS, but he looks like a guy trying to punch the clock, cash a paycheck and hit the open market with the: “it wasn’t me, it was the coaches and players around me that stunk, I can still be AJ Green” stance.  Regardless of what he says to the media, he’s either lost it physically, mentally, or both.  

    Never thought I’d say it, but I’m appreciating Chad more and more with each snap of AJ’s remaining career as a Bengal.

  6. 15 hours ago, PhenomxX said:

    Cooper was 5-16 on his passes for 58 yards I wouldn’t be throwing the ball either... gotta give credit where credit is due. Our center couldn’t handle the nose guard all night, that put immediate pressure on Cooper.. and clogged his vision. When you’re a coach you know your personelle and what they can do, along with the team you’re facing. I respect the calls that have been made on offense, and I shouldn’t have to be defending it in the first place. I agree that getting the ball to Dingle should be a priority when available, but asking for a true spread offense with our wide outs and quarterback isn’t a good idea. With that said Cooper is an electric athlete with the ball in his hands, he just happens to play quarterback. The staff will continue to make calls that suit their players, the philosophy changes with the players and their strengths... There are a lot of hours of preparations that goes into a game plan, and those hours along with a great defense has put us at Kroger field!! 

    Cooper can really move.  Does he play any other sports?

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  7. 12 hours ago, BlueKernels said:

    Might BG's offense have been off due to the CCH defense? 


    CCH D has been really stout all year. However, with all those turnovers CCH never really had a shot once BG scored the second time. 

    I think you’ll find that among the handful of BG posters on the thread, all but one will acknowledge that some of BG’s offensive struggles were a result of CCH’s defense.  


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