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  1. Final form East Carter. Morgan County 9 East Carter 8
  2. Morgan Co at Johnson Central is cancelled also.
  3. Just wanted to here everyone's personal preseason rankings.
  4. Anyone got any thoughts on the ranking in the 16th region?
  5. You might want to watch Harvey from Morgan County he is a nice catcher and also has a good bat.
  6. That's a little to far to travel we are in Morgan County.
  7. He turned 17 yesterday will be a senior this year.
  8. Does anyone play fall baseball? My son is looking for a team to play with this fall.
  9. Mitchel Harvey from Morgan County
  10. Wilson had a great high school ballgame. Congratulations to him. He is the best pitcher Morgan County has been up against this year.
  11. Morgan won a close ballgame. Lopez struck out 7 walked 2 and only gave up 2 hits.
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