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  1. I think these are the best four teams in the region and have been all year long. Should be a great night of baseball.
  2. Two for four in first round, how about round two picks now?
  3. I like North and Corbin. North has the hitters and Corbin is well coached.
  4. I'll keep my ticket stubs next time, I did not know you cared that much.
  5. I'm sure Middlesboro has a good team however beating Bell by 1 in extra innings really shocked me. I know Bell is really down this year compared to past years.
  6. I've seen all the teams in the region play and I think this is the order I have them in: NL,Clay,Corbin. Your correct it will change by tournment time.
  7. You can compare records all you want, you can come out Fri. and watch them play your team and decided for yourself if this team is for real. Lex. Catholic just had them 1-1 in the fifth throwing their no. 4 pitcher. Look at Middlesboro record and then compare who they have played compared to NL.
  8. NL once again shows why their No. 1 in the 13th region with another big night at the plate.
  9. Any thoughts on the top two teams in the 13th battling Tue. night at NL. Clay will not play after their Sat. game and NL will have to battle one of the states top 5 teams Lex. Catholic Mon. night before the big district battle. First time this district has seeded, so alot at stake.
  10. Let me ask you this question then, what always do you find on a championship team? You find a player who is not flashy, he just makes every kid around him perform higher than ever expected. Think about that for a second.
  11. You can have all the talent in the world along with great coaching just look at our Wildcats this past year, but it usally comes down to the players who just want it a little more. I think this years 13th region will be just that, who wants it more.
  12. Corbin keeps getting better, watch out!
  13. After first week of baseball action the 13th region is starting to shine some light on some of the teams playing well early: NL 3-1, Middlesbore 3-1, Clay 2-1. Still very early and a lot can change.
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