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  1. You may be suprised at who comes out in Bath Co. red next year, and that will depend on if Hicks stays. By the way was this thread started about him leaving or just to kick him around?
  2. Thats how it works when you get to help add up the scores.:sssh:
  3. Read tomorrow's Daily Independent!! Everything may change at GCHS! Also Randy Ward may be on the Russell sidelines!!!!
  4. Those stats on post 11 came off of the Rowan County stat-mans sheet.
  5. Bath and Ashland play at 6:30p Wed, I would assume the second game will be about 8:30. The same times should apply on Thursday. The semis are to be played Saturday(daytime) with the girls champhionship Saturday night. The boys champhionship is scheduled for Monday night.
  6. Bath Co. Maze 27pts 10rb 5ast Metz 27pts 9rb Mabry 6pts 6rb Trusty 7pts 3rb Clemons 2pts 2rb 9ast FT 21/31 TR40 PF25 TO15 Rowan Co. Adams 15pts 2rb 4ast Pettit 17pts 2rb Brockman 10pts 1rb 5ast FT22/34 TR21 PF23 TO15 Clemons set the last 10 mins. of the first half with 2 fouls. Thats when Maze put on a show, scoring 20 of his 27 in the first half. As you can see Bath hurt them on the boards, on both ends. This says something when Clemons scores 2 points and they still beat a good Rowan County team 75 to 58. Good luck Bath County, still alot of basketball to play.:ylsuper:
  7. The AD, principal, superintendent, and the parents asked Coach Hicks to fight this because he had done nothing wrong. The principal listened to the radio show and his was going to be one of many letters sent to the KHSAA saying no names were said on the radio.Hicks wanted it settled and done so it didn't affect his KIDS.
  8. I listened to the entire show and no names came up. So unless you were listening how would you know? Both of the guys on the raido said no names came up. They didn't need to.
  9. That two calls were blown in over time and that he wished his college roomie had called the game. No names were said. There is no copy of the radio show, although one official said he had a copy, Baths radio station doesn't tape it. It goes back to what was said at the meeting by the KHSAA, none of this would have happened if someone had been doing their job well before the game ever started. GoRaido you should never get in trouble if you are telling the truth. Any one that has tuned in knows that they will always get the truth on GORAIDO. Keep up the good work.
  10. This all goes back to the Rose Hill game at Bath and comments made about the officials. After the meeting at the KHSAA with the Bath County principal, there will be three other letters sent out by the KHSAA to the others involved. Hicks decided to set last night on his own so there would be no questions latter in postseason play.
  11. Bath Co. Metz 31PT-10RB Clemons 23PT. Sorry this is all that I got. Great game. East tried everything with Clemons, at the end of the game they ran three at him. Metz was a monster on the boards and I think he frustrated Sagraves. There's not many around that can match up with Ryan strength wise but Metz can. Johnson played well but East didn't shoot the ball very good tonight. Bath played good D tonight and I think that had something to do with it. Bath played without coach Hicks tonight so I think that had alot to do with them playing well, wanting to win for him.
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