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  1. Yes, the game is at Silver Sands Middle School in Port Orange, Florida. Anyone with a GPS will be able to plug it in. There is people in the area of Daytona excited about the tournament and the competition involved. I will be taking pics and posting them on the website for everyone to see when I get back from the games. Great weather by the way, 80's. :walk:
  2. My brother live's near by in Deland and knows Daytona fairly well. I 'll try giving him a call.
  3. That is what I am saying. But, don't down play the behind. The final score was 132-67.
  4. Thank you. So far your are the only one trying to make sense of all this for me. I still disagree. But its a start. Being bench after one quarter is a little extreme. But some more rotation is needed. 70 some points came from 2 guys.
  5. That is the issue.......Yes they were in the game too long. When one team beats the other by over 50 points and 2 of the starter score more that the other team by themselves THATS TOO LONG.
  6. Well, thats a different direction on the comment. No EC posters that I know of. I said many just in case they was someone out for EC that I agreed with me on this matter. Didn't want to leave anyone out.
  7. Get back on the subject. Do you actually have anything to say about the 50+ blowout ?
  8. You are confusing yourself. That is my comment. Does it match up with what YOU said ?
  9. Not trying to get it closed........Look people the score was ran up. IT WAS ! When get get back to talking about it, but it keeps getting taking to a personal level instead of a discussion topic. Be more creative, so we can keep going.
  10. I can't believe you haven't got kicked out of here yet. :lol:
  11. P.S. Wake up ! I am not the only one complaining about this over the last 2 years. Also I am on here for entertainment. I am not going to call anyone. Its not my program and its not my kids out there. :laugh:
  12. What are you talking about ? Did I miss something ? 1: Does it matter and what does it matter ? 2: I promise you its alot more than you think and in more sports than you think. :argue:
  13. You over stepped a little on some of your comment and I'll just leave those alone .......You are right though about its up to the coach as to when he pulls his players back. But, many of EC supporters are agreeing with his actions to leave starters in the game after the game it self has gotten out of hand. You have players on EC's bench that practice hard all year and deserve to get in the game a little more. Anyways, I am sorry for trying to stick up for some of Elliott Co. less known ball players. By the way, its that kind of thinking that actually makes you a good coach. Not beating a teams by 40 to 50 points just because you can.
  14. Usually in games like this all starters are gone with in 2-4 minutes in the 3rd. No one see's them again unless the point difference get below 20. Absolutely NO need for them to get back in the game.
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