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Deming 52 Bracken County 45

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One of the best rivalries in the 10th region from the ol' 38 district and tonights game proved it, on Senior Night as much as a great game that it was with enthusiastic, loyal fans on both sides this has to be one for the Best Game Archives, Deming and Bracken could always bring out the best in each other, something that's been missing as of late.


Deming: Earlywine 8(15 Rebounds), Johnathen Piklosky 14, Calvin Schalch 19, Curtis 7, Massey 0, D. Schalch 4, Edwards 0, Justin Pilosky 0.


Bracken County: Cummins 11, Florer, 6, Hamilton 7, Crawford 9, Ray 12, Fite 0, Jefferson 0, Haight 0, Stephenson 0.


DM: 9 13 16 14


BC: 14 2 16 13

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