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West Carter 35 East Carter 8


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Wow, EC has really fallen off. The really had their moments were they played pretty decently, but they just couldn't score. I think at least 3 times when the game was close they were in the red zone or close to it, but go no points. They also lost self control a few times and got some unsportsmanlike penalties, which is always a bad thing.


That said, I think WC played really well defensively. West is small, but I think that works to their advantage as there were always 3 or 4 men coming to the football. I do worry that their size will hurt them at some point against a big and physical team. Danny Cline had some really big runs last night, he's quick as a cat. I was glad to see Stamper get into the endzone after dropping a few passes he usually would have come down with. Bond and McGlone played a good game, they were pretty nasty running the speed option last night.


West still has some things to work on though. Last night it was a little bit of feast or famine offensively. They did not really drive the ball down field much, but I guess when you have big plays you don't get much of an opportunity to do that. That's the thing about this West team, you can stop them and stop them, and then someone breaks a 60 yard run or catch.

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