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HS Eligibility and Age Rules?

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From Bylaw 4

c) No student having been enrolled in the fourth (4th) grade

or in any grade through twelfth (12th) shall be eligible for

interscholastic athletics at the high school level (grades 9

through 12) for more than a total of one (1) year in each grade

and applicable eligibility shall begin in the fi rst year enrolled

in that grade. Students repeating a grade for any reason are

ineligible to participate in interscholastic athletics at the high

school level (grades 9 through 12) during the second year in

that grade. The penalty for violation of this rule shall be the loss

of one of the four years of eligibility after being promoted from

grade nine (9). Policies regarding the participation of repeating

students at the levels of play below high school interscholastic

athletics shall be determined by the school council pursuant to

KRS 160.345 (2) (i).

d) Pupils in grades 1-8 may play on the high school team if such

participation is not in confl ict with Section © above, and the

time so played shall not be counted on the eight (8) semester

limit. EXCEPTION: Students below grade nine (9) may not

participate on the varsity team in contests in the sports of

football or soccer, and students enrolled below grade seven

(7) may not participate on the varsity level in wrestling. The

provisions of this restriction shall not apply to non-varsity teams

participating in these sports.

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Bylaw 3. Age

Pursuant to KRS 156.070 (2) (e), a student who becomes nineteen

(19) years old before August 1 shall be ineligible for interscholastic

athletic competition. A student who becomes nineteen (19) on or

after August 1 shall remain eligible for the entire school year.

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So for basketball, you could for example, potentially play varsity in grades 6-12 as long as you didn't repeat a grade. And as long as you don't turn 19 before August 1st?


Thanks everyone. I've always heard different "interpretations" over the years at games when talking with folks about players.

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