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Eastern Kentucky/Mountain Regional Contest Week #6(Results)


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The game between East Ridge and Phelps was cancelled. All participants received credit for their picks.


Here are the results for this week's contest. As always, there will be a 24 hour period before the contest is deemed final. All entrants should use that time to check their score for any errors.


Once the contest goes final the winner should use the link below to claim the prize of choice.


How to claim prize



Here are the game scores:


Powell County 82 Lee County 78 (OT)

East Ridge vs. Phelps

Lynn Camp 86 Barbourville 80

Middlesboro 74 Cawood 72 (OT)

North Laurel 69 Dixie Heights 62 (2 OT)


The first tiebreaker was needed to decide the winner. The team that had the highest score was Lynn Camp


The winner is................................................................


GO15AROD(Lynn Camp) 18

bille_ed 18

bigblueinsanity 18

BIG J 18

Big Slick 18

mcpapa 18

fleadawn012 18

Master of the Hardwood 17

summer set 17

jacketsfan 17

1owlzfan 16

trent2224 16

gold sunrise 15

CoachJAZ 14


Lightning 10

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While compiling the year to date standings. I found that I made an error when I entered the team that won game betwen Powell County vs. Lee County. I had put Lee County as the winner and this was incorrect.


The corrected standings have been posted. I want to apologize for my mistake.

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