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Conner 1 Newport Central Catholic 1


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Great game tonight. Conner starts the game with the sun on their backs but couldn’t manage to get a shot off. Newport Central Catholic didn’t have many shots in the 1st. Both teams close the 1st half 0-0. 

Newport Central Catholic starts the second half attacking the right side, smart move cause the sun was right in Trey Wagner’s eyes on that side when they were attacking. About 10 minutes in Newport Central Catholic gets a cross from the right corner on the ground and poke it in. Conner would answer 10 minutes later with a header by Noah Walker from a corner kick. Conner had a few more chances but ends the game 1-1 tie. 

This was my first time seeing NCC this year and they have a nice team. I think they will give their rivals in Highlands a tough game. NCC has good size, play solid defense, and have nice midfield play. 

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I would argue "even" game before "good" game. This was my second time seeing each team play and I believe both sides have more to give. Don't get me wrong, the intensity and focus was that of a regional match-up, but there were times both teams lacked touch and technical ability.

NCC started the game in dominating fashion. For the first 20 or so minutes, they were controlling the game box-to-box but lacked the finishing product. Conner seemed to wake up after about 20 minutes in. My shot count had NCC with 4 on frame and Conner with 1 heading into halftime.

As NCC was the better team in the first half, Conner seemed to be so in the second half. After NCC scored, the momentum started to flip. The next 10 minutes or so were played on Conner's attacking half. NCC seemed to make a few self-inflicted mistakes (poor clearances, lazy challenges) that lead to Conner's corner kick goal. Conner's first few corners were back post loopers but the producing one was taken quickly and driven toward the near side to an unmarked Cougar who made no mistake. Conner utilized their bench and looked to have more energy because of it in the last 30 minutes. Both teams had a number of good scoring opportunities - some that should have been finished by both sides. Both teams seemed to walk away with the remorse of missed opportunities but the final score line is a fair result. A tip of the cap to the referees. There are always missed calls here and there but the game was consistent and no calls/missed calls really jump out at me.

The Cougars seemed to have the top talent on the filed (#10 and #9) but NCC seemed to have a more balanced starting XI. If I had to pick, NCC's CM (#12 I think) would be their 'best' player.

Lastly, I walked onto the pitch once the game was concluded. Morscher really has come a long way. Decent grass, not *too* bumpy, and World Cup style nets. Cheers to both sides!

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