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This weekend Kings Hammer is having their Women's Gateway Showcase.

My question for this thread is which I am sure is debated over and over at people's kitchen table but WHY are we having a showcase that starts on a Friday (school day) in the morning which means students will be missing school, parents will be missing work, I am sure soccer officials also will be missing work to officiate.

ALL NON showcase tournaments that I have been apart of have always started around 5:30pm on a Friday and play Sat and Sun.

My POINT IS I am not buying into the FACT we must start these showcases during school hours for these students to attend.

This is absurd but I am sure NOTHING will change.

Rant over....I will wait for a rebuttal on why this makes ANY SENSE!!!!

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My guess is there are a number of reasons they do it this way.

1 - Showcases generally have a larger number of teams needing full size fields compared to your typical tournaments.  Therefore, field availability comes into consideration.

2 - They try to limit the locations as much as possible so coaches can take in all the games they'd like.  By starting at 8 on a Friday or Monday, you can get in about 5 more games on 1 field compared to starting in the evening like your typical weekend tournaments.

They've been doing this for years, and numerous sports do it.  ECNL hosts events over school days, and I'm sure the new GA does like the DA did.  Schools look at these as almost like a college visit, so excused absences.  I'm not a fan of taking my kid out of school for them, but it is what it is.  So far, we've had no issues with it.

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