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Beechwood 62 Holmes 46

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The Holmes Bulldogs hosted the Beechwood Tigers tonight in an important 35th District seeding game, and while it truly was a close affair most of the way, the Tigers proved just too much for the Dawgs down the stretch, and pulled away late. 

Defense kept the Bulldogs in this game, and they only found their first of 2 3 balls late in the game. The Tigers also were pretty cold from behind the arc in the early goings, but began to find it later in the game. 

In the 4th period Beechwood’s lead kept roller coastering from 9 to 4, and the last time it was in distance for the Bulldogs was 50-46 when Beechwood went on a 12-0 run to finish out the game. 


At the end of 1 it was all tied up 11-11

At the Half Beechwood had the lead 26-21

At the end of 3 it was Beechwood up 41-34

Final Beechwood 62-46


Scotty Draud lead all scorers with 29, and Cameron Boyd was the only other Tiger in double figures with 12

Quantez Calloway for the Bulldogs had around 15, and L.C. Brown had about 10 where he got them all late in the game during the Bulldog’s desperate attempt to get the game back within reach. 


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I attended both boys and girls Varsity games, BHS vs Holmes, both at Holmes this year.  Holmes campus /gym remains one of my favorites in the 9th region.  But, I now know why KHSAA is having such a hard time getting and keeping referees.  The home fans were completely out of control.  Not all of them of course, but a group of about 10-12 Holmes faithful were totally belligerent towards the refs; with the comments, language used, and complete disrespect for anyone seated within 50 feet of them.  I was embarrassed for them.  Their kids played hard, but I guarantee you, they were equally as embarrassed as I was.  I felt bad for the kids.  I like a good heated rivalry game / battle, but these few fans took it way too far - as usual.  SMH In the girls game earlier in the season, the CPD officers had to escort a couple out of the gym for their antics.  None of that tonite, but it was over the top.  

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