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Scott Co 72 Shelby Co 61

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Scott County trails by 15 in the third quarter, and comes back to win by 11. SC has two players with double-doubles.


(Louisville Courier-Journal/Gray leads Scott...)




Scott County

Gray- 32 pts, 10 rebounds

Milburn- 15 pts, 14 rebounds

Moses- 13

Garr- 7

Grimes- 3

Webb- 2


Shelby County

Morrison- 18

Gray- 17

Ford- 8

Axline- 6

Garrity- 6

Chamness- 4

Nicholson- 2

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Is the gap between Scott County and LexCath vs. the rest of the state narrowing just a bit? With Scott County having to come back from a 15-point deficit and Catholic being tested by LCA, I just thought I'd ask the question. Any thoughts yet on who will come out of the 11th this year, or is it too early to tell?

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