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Pulaski Co. @ McCreary Central Predictions

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Pulaski County and the #1 player in the region, John Perkins, go to McCreary Central to play the #2 and #7 players in the region, Aaron Watts and Josh Bartley respectivly. McCreary could possibly be without Josh Bartley, who is still recovering from knee surgery over the summer. If he does play, it will be very sparse. When they meet, each team will have played one game. Here are the stats:



McCreary: 1-0 (home)

Pulaski: 0-1 (home)



McCreary: 83

Pulaski: 43


Defense PPG:

McCreary: 49

Pulaski 54






McCreary: 68

Pulaski: 52

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Yes the stats arent that big an issue at this point... I seen Pulaski play last night...they didnt shoot the ball very well, but you can see some bright spots...I believe some may be over looking Pulaski and they might be a contender towards the END of the season...But right now im saying McCreary wins by 15

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