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Sermon: Jesus Heals a Blind Man


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Link below to Sunday's sermon over one of the most controversial events of Jesus' ministry. People argue about the healing of the Blind Man all the time. I think it's a pretty good lesson. IF you are simply curious as to what the controversy is, you can listen ofr the first five minutes and see if you get hooked.


Lystra Church of Christ

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Interesting article-

Discipling in an Age of Biblical Illiteracy - Facts & Trends


America has a literacy problem. Almost 14 percent of the adult population cannot read. But illiteracy isn’t just a problem in secular society. A far worse kind of illiteracy affects the church: Biblical illiteracy.


Only 20 percent of Americans say they’ve read the entire Bible at least once. And only 22 percent say they systematically read through a section of the Bible a little each day.


A third of Americans never read the Bible on their own.


This lack of Bible reading certainly has led to a lack of biblical doctrine. A recent LifeWay Research survey examines how Americans view Christian theology:


Fewer than half (47 percent) say the Bible is 100 percent accurate in all it teaches.

Half (51 percent) say the Bible was written for each person to interpret as he or she chooses.

Three-quarters (74 percent) disagree with the idea that even the smallest sin deserves eternal damnation.

Three-quarters (77 percent) say people must contribute their own effort for personal salvation.

Half (52 percent) say good deeds help them earn a spot in heaven. And 45 percent believe there are many ways to get there.

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