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Pirates @ Reds 9/16-9/18

Big Slick

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What to know something funny?


The Reds, you know the heart and soul of Cincinnati and the 1st Pro Baseball team got out drawn Saturday night, as the new upstart minor league non sports soccer team (to a lot of older folks that is) had more butts in the seats totally 24,376 while the Reds drew 17,226 and it certainly didn't look like that many butts were in those seats to me while watching the replays of the Reds game. Hey, I watched the FCC game, instead of the Reds.


Oh and don't say the Reds game was on Cable so why attend, well the FCC Cincinnati match was on Free TV with Star 64. I also will guess and it's only a guess but the average age at the FCC matches is around 30 while at the Reds games it is around 45 or older.


Hey I love Baseball, as most everyone who knows me knows but the Reds just don't make it fun!


Did you see the FC Cincinnati team members having a blast at the Oktoberfest Zinzinnati today. Think the Reds as a team would bother to do that? Have you ever seen the Reds going around the stadium thanking fans for attending and rooting on the team, or hanging around and signing autographs after the game?


The Boss and I went to Richmond Va to watch the match vs. the Kickers while taking a long weekend off work and after the game (we were wearing FCC shirts) we had at least 10 team member, the Coach and a gentlemen who I can only assume was part of the FCC management, shake our hands and thank us for attending and cheering the team on and yes I have been to quite a few Reds game in Chicago, Pittsburgh and St. Louis and nary a Red waved or said thanks.


Now you have to understand I really love Baseball and I was given a HUGE gift yesterday from a gentlemen who will go nameless who has a Sister who works for the Tampa Bay Rays and while I can't tell the story of how or why, I will post these two pictures to let you know how much I love baseball and how happy it made me.


0917161230b (1).jpg


To Dave "Go Colonels" Luke Maile


Thank you Luke! :-)


BTW the Rays come to GABP on June 19, 20 and 21 and if Luke is with the team, you can bet the Reds will have more than 17,000 in the stands each game!

0917161230a (1).jpg

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My 9 year old daughter was dressed in Pirates gear in sec 118 (visitor's dug-out) this weekend - we were in the 4th row.


She ran down to the front to watch the Pirates come back to dug-out at the end of the inning and the catcher Cervelli actually looked up and waved at her.


The next inning on the way back to the dugout - he looked up again and rolled a ball across the top of the dug-out to her - so sometimes the players do actually engage the fans.


On the flip side - I paid $13 for a draft Flat Tire beer (not even an import) at the "bootlegger bar" and I still feel like chump. I understand there is a premium for a beer at the ballpark but that's absurd.

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