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Covington Catholic 2 Madison Central 1


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No straight red , but close for the first one.......PlAyer must have said something that the ref didn't like because away from the play he yellowed the player......walking off he must have said something the ref heard again, because he second yellowed him.....


Second was to #14 ....no way to pronounce or spell his name, but extremely talented striker. A real handful, but instead of using his talent tonight, tried to play the ref. received a yellow early in the second half when he went up for a corner and jus brought his arm up to hit it on purpose.....then, after the whistle, he took,a shot..yellow, and instead of the coach protecting him, he didn't even pull him to the bench. Subbed back in as soon as play began. With about 11 left, CCH keep came out for a ball.....CCH defense back was running ahead of him and he "acted" like he was pulled down ....from the front .....and pushed the defender into the keeper......then he laid on the ground like it was him fouled......


Ref may have been out of his league, but there was a lot of flopping going on from the home team. It actually was the reason for the home goal. A great shot and bad coverage of the save by CCH , but the flop gave a free kick at the top of the box.

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