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  1. Congrats to all the finalist and especially to Micah - he is a great player. Did not see Burke, but he has put huge numbers up this year. I had the privelege of watching O.C. play F.C. in the playoffs and Micah was excellent on both sides of the ball. His size and speed put him in a class above most others. Good Luck in college - wherever you may go!
  2. Hey Blue - Hoover HS in Alabama has been using Franklin's offense for several years - they have won the state title 4 out of the last 5 years. I was thinking he "consults" around 40 schools throughout KY TN AL, but I am not 100% sure. Last year was amazing, he came in after O.C.'s fourth game(?) or so and you could tell an immediate difference - by the end of the year - the offense had made a 180 degree turn. Given the right players - his "system" is very effective - but it is not for everyone.
  3. Hey Blue - I don't think this would be his first state championship. Franklin does "consults" many schools. Quite a few are out of state. Probably would be his 1st Ky championship though. I know he was consulting for E-town 2 years ago when they beat Catholic for Semi's.
  4. Concerning my previous post - Top Ten Reasons O.C. Does Not Win 2A- I have gotten so sick of listening to people make comments about how one team wants it more, or one is more physical, how we are not as good because we do not have Zach barnard, etc...... I used a post of pure sarcasm - just to vent a little! Every point on that list is a negative comment I have heard about Catholic at some point this year - except the recruiting - that was just a shot at prop 20. I probably should not have included "Russell" in any of it - but it was nothing negative - just used their name because it is the next (last) opponent. The post was supposed to be a humorous one, especially for O.C. fans,similar to one of "David Letterman's" top ten list, sorry if I offended anyone. BTW, there is nothing that I would like to see more this weekend than a double-overtime, wire-to-wire, grind it out ball game. A game, that when finished, leaves kids from both schools knowing that they gave it all, and left it all on the field. A game that has 20 cracked helmets, yet no injuries other than scratches and bruises, and a game that's outcome is determined by the effort and the play of these High school kids, and not some hideous call by a referee. Good Luck to both teams!!!! Go Aces!! By the way - regarding the last comment about war - I realize that we have many friends and soldiers fighting in Iraq and around the world - this was certainly not a shot at them -I was just implying that players cannot be conditioned in 1 week - and I am not implying that Russell is not - just using the fact that many of Russell's players go both ways and very few teams have been condtioned well enough to hang with the Aces in a 4 qtr game.
  5. As for O.C. players playing both ways - i beleive there is 1 player who is almost a full time both ways - but even he is rotated out on a regular basis. The "fatigue factor" has been an issue with just about every team the aces have faced this year, except Desales who had very few playing both ways. Trigg Co. was a very big and a very physical team, many of their players were exhausted before the end of the 1st half. By the 4th qtr - several players were cramping and coming out. Even ft. Campbell- with their talent couldn't avoid the fatigue. The Aces execute a "no huddle" offense almost 2 perfection, plays usually start with 18-19 sec on left on 25 sec clock. look to see up to 80 plays ran by the Aces by the end of the game.
  6. Scribe - i'm not sure who the other 2 are - I picked that up in our local newspaper.(That there were 5 potential D-1 players).
  7. Hey Pirate - just tired of hearing how each week every team is more "physical' and "wants it more" - obviously, if you are playing on the carpet - you have a great team - hope to see a great game next saturday - between two excellent teams and yeah - we O.C. fans are a little wound up - we've had to wait a year for this! O.C. - 35 Russell - 21
  8. 10. West is weak 9. Don't have Barnard this year as Q.B. 8. Belfry not in this year - we wanted a rematch! 7. Private v/s Public - our scholarship budget was $0 this year 6. Russell "wants" it more 5. Defense is no good 4. Coaching staff is weak 3. O.C. fans not as rowdy and loud as Russell's 2. Offense only capable of passing 1. Russell is the most physical team O.C. will face this year! Wake up! 1week is not enough time to go through boot camp - next week you'll be in the war! Go aces! :ylsuper:
  9. Just bring it! Can we move this game up a week! Think I'm gonna drive to PJ Stadium this afternoon so I can get a good seat! Maybe I'll just tailgate - all week!
  10. Desales seemed to be a great group of kids - 1st team we have seen in a while that was not exhausted at the end of the game. Great Season!
  11. If we don't run at you or around you just look up - cause QB is closing in on 4000!
  12. Hey pirate - defense is much better than last year - and we defend the pass very well. Last year Jones and Howard plus a great line were just more than our defense could handle - but I'm telling you - our defense this year is much - much better and the offense is just as good.
  13. Desales was the first team we have seen in a long time that did not have their hands on their hips by the end of the game - not many played both ways - but those kids were pretty well conditioned last night. From what I can tell Belfry tried to go to the air some last night - is that true?
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