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  1. Nothing seems wrong to me. They have had a couple bad breaks, thats all. The schedule seems a little tougher this year. But they will be OK. Its almost tournament time. Go Whiltley!!!
  2. Here we go again. The Corbin Redhounds people bashing every move Whitley makes.
  3. Sorry. I think you are hearing me wrong. Let me rephrase my post. The Whitley Co running backs/linebackers who transferred to Corbin were the 2 best players on the Whitley Co team. Corbin fans said over and over that the transfer was a result of Whitley coaches. Now people from Corbin are posting that Whitley should not have made a change. That is my point. First Campbell and crew was bad, and now they are good? Make up your minds. Then Whitley is making a coaching change and Corbin fans say "hey Adams and Ysidro come to Corbin." Thats my other point. That dont seem right to me. And
  4. I am saying that these are negative remarks. They are directed at Whitley Co from a Corbin supporter. No matter what the topic, its always insults toward Whitley Co. Just say something nice for a change.And dont try to invite our coaching staff to Corbin. Thats not INTEGRITY.
  5. No, you took that wrong. I am against Campbell being fired. What I love to see is the wishy-washy stuff from the Redhounds. You hate our coach, you love our coach. He stinks, oh now hes good. That is what I love to hear.
  6. Whoa Nelly! Just listen to these Corbin Redhound fans. It cracks me up. Think back about when Whitley Countys best football players were leaving to play at Corbin. The most popular redhound comments was "Whitley coaches are running off the players." Next thing ya know we got all the Redhound supporters are on here bashing Whitley for making a coaching change. Now what? You want Ysidro and Adams to come to Corbin? Do we have some Corbin supporters that say Whitley was too hard on Campbell? Should have gave him more time? It was wrong what Whitley did to that poor coach.
  7. I've been hearing that the KHSAA might be going to 6 classes instead of 4 ,if that is true whitley will be alot better off.Teams like Trinity ,Male,Henry Clay,ST. X, would be moving up ,making 4A more competive but not as weak as 2A.
  8. I hope everybody at the court house can do wind sprints.
  9. I think tommy greer should be banned from this thread. Corbin too.
  10. Williamsburg would be the better choice in my opinion. Oh well. And why not Rains?
  11. As far as i'm concerned the newspaper did their job by getting the story , no matter who it came from, thats the way it works.If coach Campbell didnt want it to leak out he shouldn't have told anyone especially a kid.Nobody that i know can keep a secret.
  12. I was wrong about BRIAN STEWART my sources were telling me something that is untrue,I hear that he's very happy at CENTRAL ELEMENTARY ,so i apologize for reporting something that is wrong.
  13. From what i hear he wins the elementary championship every year,He also was a 4 year starter at PINEVILLE and maybe the best quarterback in their storyed history
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