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  1. I want to add my thanks as well. They not only handed out the ribbons, but several PCC fans wore them as well. It was extremely touching and very classy.
  2. Mitch may have done a good job in some of his hires, but for me, the jury is still out in a major way. Brooks came in and for the first years, did nothing but bad mouth his players, degrade their abilities and repeated ad nauseum (mis-spelled to show it made me sick) that he had a program in trouble. If you're a great coach, suck it up, get the job done without blaming a bunch of 18-21 year old kids. While I love UK football and hope that we have indeed turned a corner, I'm still not a believer that this was a great hire, it just happens to be working out ok in spite of Mitch and his consta
  3. "Maybe not 100%, but 99.99%! Hard to stay in a place where you are not wanted!" Just ask Tubby!
  4. I don't believe it's been named yet since the tournament concludes Tuesday.
  5. That was my first thought, too Tin Cup so I checked. It's not on KHSAA. Then I asked several people and they said what usually happens is the names are written down on a piece of paper, given to the announcer and then it gets thrown away and they don't have to turn in the names to the state. Thus, they are "lost".
  6. Thanks for the addition! Here's what I have so far....anyone else? Travis McIntosh Owsley Co. 2000 Dakota Roberts Owsley Co. 2000 Allan Holland, Jr. Perry Central 2004 Derrick Bolling Perry Central 2005 Tyson Combs Owsley Co. 2005 Daniel Combs Perry Central 2005 Daniel Day Leslie County 2005 Cody Gilbert Wolfe County 2005 Quentin Morgan Leslie Co. 2005 Andrew Sewell Breathitt Co. 2005 Cleve Washington Hazard 2005 Alex Williams Letcher High 2005 Cameron Wright Whitesburg 2
  7. Thanks..it's a start! Evidently, once the names of those who have made it were read, the lists were thrown away and there is no record. So those guys played for Owsley Co?
  8. Trying to compile a list of those named to the All-14th Region teams. If you were (or know someone who was) please list name, school and year. Going to pass it on to the people working on a website for the region. Thanks.
  9. Thanks to everyone who gave me info!!! I spent several hours on the internet going to KHSAA web site (only found back to 1998) without much success and even went to each school's web site to see if they listed championships. I really appreciate the help!
  10. I'm trying to compile a list of all past 14th Region Boys Basketball Winners. Haven't been able to find a list anywhere and most schools don't list the years they've won on their web sites. Anyone know any others please? Thanks Here's what I've found so far: 2006 Hazard High School 2005 Perry County Central 2004 Perry County Central 2003 Powell County 2002 Whitesburg High School 2001 Hazard High School 2000 Perry County Central 1999 Perry County Central 1998 Hazard High School 1997 Perry County Central 1993 Knott County Central 1992 Knott County Central 1991 K
  11. The two Letcher Central players were Mike Hogg and Jonathan Tucker.
  12. Thanks all! Got the video done and it was well received. Found some pretty good stuff on - "Get em on, get em over, get em in" for anyone looking, and used some of the suggestions from here. Buegrass Preps to the video rescue once again!
  13. Good suggestions.....all....even the "Chicken Dance" could be a moment of levity with the right film...although I don't think I'm going there. If anyone else is doing a video of baseball and needs that ha-ha moment, there is a song called "Third Base Coaches' Dance" that will be funny with the right film. I went to i tunes and typed in baseball but alot of the stuff is stories or pro-team specific songs. That being said, it is really helpful to get suggestions from here. What I am finding is that LOTS of people do football highlights but not so many baseball highlights.
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