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    The place where the traditonal pastime sphere it magically has become an oblong ball of pigskin and now we know what to do with it.e


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  1. You should not speak so lightly of yourself there, phillip! This coming from the man who has never seen a bad call for the Royals and good call against the Royals!. Sheeez give me a break! I believe you have royal colored glasses and contacts!;)
  2. I have two points to make here. I will get to those in a minute. I probably hold the record for most suspensions among active users, but I feel the need to express my opinion on this matter. 1. I totaly agree with this new rule 100%. I can not count the times i've given up on a post because it appeared to me that the postee was unconscious. Great rule! 2. This is where i get into trouble. I don't agree with they way that regular users are treated when they disagree with a mod or guru. In this post alone I could see a user that did'nt like this rule and showed a strong disl
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