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  1. YOu can find it funny all you want, but you missed the entire point of the post. And we didn't just beat St. X last year in the play-offs so there for don't get me wrong but keep up w/the games when you comment on them. And you missed the part after that w/dropping the ball dropping the ball is giving up. So yes the last years loss was do to both dropping the ball and a lack of having the heart for the title. NOt the heart as in they don't have a heart like I said LSU you missed the entire point maybe you'll understand now.
  2. When you say no school, but lex catholic has had a big when over a louisville team which was last year you would be wrong. Meade county beat St. X last year in the first round of playoffs.
  3. You are going to win or lose a football game. But when it comes to play-off time you hear who is better. Well everyone always thinks a louisville team is better. Because they have had a tradition. Well Meade County broke St. X's tradition last year. That was the first time since 1988 they had been put out in the first round. there has been teh question can trinity can be beaten. Yes they can be beat you just have to have the heart to do it. And put all you have into the game before that. and then the next and the next. YOU CAN'T DROP THE BALL. never let up!!!! So why worry if lexington is better. It makes no sense. Worry about who you face first in the playoffs and look at who you wanna play in the final round to prove you can win!!!!:ylsuper:
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